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Celsion Talalay Latex (2-inch)


Why Celsion Talalay latex mattress topper?

  • Cooler than any other latex foam. Cooler than memory foam and polyurethane foam.
  • Luxuriously comfortable. Offers excellent support and pressure relief.
  • Stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Resilient and durable.
  • Healthy.
  • Earth friendly.
  • Made in USA by Talalay Global (aka Latex International)
  • Available in three firmness (or ILD ratings):
    15 ILD (12 ILD - 17.99 ILD)
    21 ILD (18 ILD - 23.99 ILD)
    27 ILD (24 ILD - 29.99 ILD)

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    Choose a 2-inch latex topper to create a more drastic change to the overall firmness of your mattress. Compared to 1-inch toppers, a 2-inch of soft latex offers more material to sink into, and a firm 2-inch offers more support. This is a very popular thickness because it is not too thick nor too thin for most average sleepers with average comfort needs.

    Note that if used as the topmost layer, a layer of latex directly supports your body weight and touches your skin. If inserted between mattress layers, it would have a less significant effect in the overall feel of your mattress.

    Heat Impression showing the advantage of Integrated Phase Change Material (PCM) Technology over Dunlop Latex and Classic Talalay Latex

    Our Celsion Talalay Latex, aka Talalay GL Fast, is a similar formula to that of our Classic Talatech Talalay latex, and it includes PCM in its makeup.



    PCM is the acronym for Phase Change Materials. Other than this true Talalay latex is a highly breathable open-cell material, the PCM absorbs and releases heat, thus making Celsion latex more effective than any other latex in keeping you at your ideal sleeping temperature.

    Celsion latex effectively helps you to maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night, and thus allows you to experience the unparalleled pressure relief and health benefits of Talalay Latex.

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