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100% Cotton Mattress Topper and Fiber and Feather Bed Zipper Cover, Machine Wash and Dry 360 degree Protector


  • Versatile, no-gusset zipper cover and general protective encasement for mattress toppers, feather beds, and bedding
  • Durable, soft, and breathable
  • Tight weave 230 TC 100% cotton keeps fine down and feathers inside while it stops dust from getting in
  • Protects and prolong the quality and life your feather bed or foam insert
  • Ideal to use with feather beds up to 5-inch thick and solid foams up to 3-inch thick
  • Easy care and maintenance: machine wash and heat dry

Our one-side opening, machine washable 100% cotton zipper cover has no gusset or depth. A gusset is an extra material that is normally placed to expand the sides of a fabric cover in order to conform snugly to the shape of a solid object that has an equal-size thickness. Rather, this mattress topper zipper enclosure is designed flat just like a pillow case. Because it has no gusset, it is a flexible encasement that can be used to hold just about anything that would fit inside of it. If you need a protective bag or encasement for fiber fillings or any loose bedding material that have no permanent shape or depth, this durable, versatile, and easy-maintenance zipper cover comes really handy. Use it as an easy-access zipper protector for feather bed, down-alternative fiber bed, blanket, or comforter. Use our zipper cover as a shell or case for feathers, wool batting, polyester batting, shredded latex, and shredded memory foam if creating a do-it-yourself DIY mattress topper.

While our washable zipper case is primarily designed and used for feather beds, it can also be used for encasing a solid latex foam, memory foam, or polyurethane foam. Make sure to know the correct measurement of the length, width, and thickness of your foam and verify that its thickness as well as its length and width will fit the zipper protector.

For proper fit, if you know the actual measurements of the solid object that you are encasing, add its thickness to its width. Then add its thickness to length. If the respective results do not exceed the width and the length of our zipper case, your solid foam should fit.

Understand that when you place a perfectly sized solid foam inside our zipper protector, it will never be a perfectly snug fit in the corners. To demonstrate, our waterproof dog bed zipper cover (sewn with no depth/gusset) is filled with a 4-inch thick latex foam in the picture below:

Notice the loose material at the corners. You can expect a more loose appearance if you are encasing a much smaller foam.

If your foam is slightly too big, you may be able to "massage" the foam to fit the cover. Note, however, that your foam will be restricted in a tightly fitted cover, and it may change the feel of your foam. It is possible that the foam may feel firmer than you want or exactly as you like it.

The fabric of our feather bed protector is a super tight-weave pure cotton that is very soft and yet extremely strong. The zipper access is located on the foot only.

We highly recommend that you use this zipper case in order to protect your feather bed and yourself. If used with feather beds, this product prevents very fine baby feathers from escaping and stops hard feather quills from poking your skin. Its generous size protects your feather bed but without restricting its original fluffed shape.
While it is very easy to maintain, our zipper protector makes it possible and easier to keep your bedding product always clean and sanitary, thus helping you experience maximum comfort at a great ease. Our rugged and heavy-duty protector is highly affordable and can withstand rough handling wherever you use it to protect your bedding from protection from light sweats, dust, and other damaging elements.




Twin (43" x 81")
Full (58" x 81")
Queen (64" x 86")
King (80" x 86")
Cal King (76" x 88")

Style: Flat, No-gusset design
Material: 230 TC 100% cotton fabric
Quilted (or Padded)? No
Quilting: N/A
Flippable: Yes, same material all around
Zipper Opening: One side only (shorter side)
Waterproof? No
Product Care: Machine wash and machine dry
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
Country of Origin:
Made in the USA of Imported Materials

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