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Feather beds (not really beds but rather feather-filled mattress toppers) and down alternative mattress toppers are known for their luxurious high loft. Placing a lofty plush topper on your current mattress can enhance your sleeping comfort. If your mattress feels too firm or too flat, lofty toppers help create a softer and more conforming surface and offer a luxuriously enveloped experience.

Feather beds are one of the prime choices for a more natural and heavenly luxurious bedding. Feathers are natural, renewable and sustainable. Feather beds provide cushioning and warmth, which is desired by many especially during cooler nights. Feathers have flexible central quills with soft filament. They have a natural spring-like quality that provides resilient support.

While feather beds are generally used to soften up a firm mattress without compromising support, they can also be used to firm up a non-conforming saggy mattress.

Not all feather beds are alike. It is of great importance who manufactures it as one manufacturing process removes dust, dirt, and allergens from feathers more effectively than another, and thus creates feather beds that are more fluffy, cleaner, and allergy-free. The fabric that is used to encase the feathers and how well it is sewn affects overall comfort and vary from one manufacturer to another.

Feather beds are not for everyone. Most, if not all, feather beds are guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions, but many allergy sufferers prefer to stay away from feather beds. Also due to cost and maintenance reasons, feather beds may not suit everyone.

Down alternative mattress toppers (also commonly referred to as fiber beds) are an excellent alternative to down toppers and feather beds. Down alternative fiber beds are filled with resilient polyester fibers that closely match fluffy softness and warmth of natural down without triggering allergic reactions. Down alternative fiber beds help reduce pressure points and can transform your mattress into a luxuriously comfortable sleeping surface for a deeper and more restful sleep.

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