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100% Natural Dunlop Latex (2-inch)


Our 100% Natural Dunlop latex is made with natural latex and no synthetic latex. 

All of our latex products are produced using the highest quality standards using earth-friendly manufacturing methods. They are never treated with chemical flame retardants and do not off-gas. Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic product and promotes good health.

It takes approximately 82 pounds of rubber tree sap to produce one of our 6-inch all-natural Dunlop processed latex. Interestingly, 2500 rubber trees are harvested in a day to generate this amount of wonderful latex milk. This means greener environment for a healthy you!

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Choose a 2-inch latex topper to create a more drastic change to the overall firmness of your mattress. Compared to 1-inch toppers, a 2-inch of soft latex offers more material to sink into, and a firm 2-inch offers more support. This is a very popular thickness because it is not too thick nor too thin for most average sleepers with average comfort needs.

Note that if used as the topmost layer, a layer of latex directly supports your body weight and touches your skin. If inserted between mattress layers, it would have a less significant effect in the overall feel of your mattress.

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The following firmness options are available:

22 Medium Soft 21-24 ILD
27 Medium 25-30 ILD
33 Medium Firm 31-35 ILD
37 Firm 36-40 ILD
43 Extra Firm 41-45 ILD
48 Extra Extra Firm 46-50 + ILD