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Classic TalaTech Talalay Latex (3-inch)


Why Classic TalaTech Talalay latex mattress topper?

  • This is the original formula, which has the longest track record of quality, great value, and benefits.
  • Luxuriously comfortable. Offers excellent support and pressure relief.
  • Stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Resilient and durable.
  • Healthy.
  • Earth friendly.
  • Made in USA by Talalay Global (aka Latex International)
  • Widest firmness range: choose from eight firmness (or ILD ratings):
    14 ILD (Extra Soft 12-16.99 ILD)
    19 ILD (Soft 17 - 21.99 ILD)
    24 ILD (Medium Soft 22 - 25.99 ILD)
    28 ILD (Medium 26 - 29.99 ILD)
    32 ILD (Medium Firm 30-33.99 ILD)
    36 ILD (Firm 34-37.99 ILD)
    40 ILD (Extra Firm 38-41.99 ILD)
    44 ILD (Extra Extra Firm 42-46.99 ILD) 

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Our 3-inch latex topper is a generous thickness for an average sleeper with an average need for sleep comfort. There is a lot of material to sink into a soft 3-inch topper and plenty of support you can get from a 3-inch firm topper. A 3-inch latex topper will drastically change the overall feel of a mattress. It is expected to dominate the comfort level of any mattress especially if used on top of a mattress. Firm 3-inch layers can be used solely as a sleeping pad by some. Soft 3-inch layers create a luxuriously comfortable surface for some sleepers but may be too thick and for the majority others.

Note that if used as the topmost layer, a layer of latex directly supports your body weight and touches your skin. If inserted between mattress layers, it would have a less significant effect in the overall feel of your mattress.

Our Classic TalaTech Talalay latex is the first and original product of Talalay Global (aka Latex International) in the USA. This Talalay latex has the longest tried-and-true formula, proven to be extremely durable and not a health hazard.

This latex product is produced using a homogeneous mixture of natural rubber-tree-sap latex and man-made latex. A proprietary proportion of natural and man-made latex latex milk  have been combined at a molecular level so that each component is is inseparable and indistinguishable in the final product form.

Adding synthetic latex in the mixture does not only create a highly durable and more affordable product but makes it possible to create a wider selection of firmness ratings that have a tighter range of values, which means that the desired firmness is closer to what is desired.

Our Classic TalaTech Talalay latex is undoubtedly healthy, sustainable, and environment friendly. It comes in a broad spectrum of firmness and can serve the widest array comfort needs.


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