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Certified Organic Dunlop Latex (6-inch)


Sleep deeply to invigorate your body and soul, and wake up in a toxin-free healthy environment with our organic latex and bedding products.

All of our latex products are produced using the highest quality standards using earth-friendly manufacturing methods. They are never treated with chemical flame retardants and do not off-gas. Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic product and promotes good health.

Our Certified Organic Latex takes it to the next level. Not only that our organic latex does not include synthetic latex in the its production, it is also GOLS certified.

The GOLS (or Global Organic Latex Standard) certification standards require the use of at least 95% of organic raw material and sets permissible limits for harmful substances that need to be met by plantations of rubber trees and in the manufacturing of the latex foam. The GOLS enforces:

  1. Organic farming: No pesticides and restricted use of fertilizers.
  2. Organic manufacturing: No toxic chemicals used. No toxic metals like lead and mercury. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).
  3. Safe and humane working conditions.

Not only that you will sleep and live better with our certified organic latex, you can also feel good that you helped conserve a healthy environment and support social regulations that promote the safety and well being of the workers and the public.

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You may use our 6-inch slab of Dunlop latex by itself and achieve just the perfect balance of support and pressure relief, or layer it with any other product of your choice to add a layer of softer cushioning. Whether you use it as a mattress topper or a base, this Dunlop latex is almost always enough to help you get a good night's sleep. Learn your thickness options →

The following firmness options are available:

20 Medium Soft 19-22 ILD
25 Medium 23-27 ILD
30 Medium Firm 28-33 ILD
36 Firm 34-38 ILD
41 Extra Firm 39-43 ILD
44 Extra Extra Firm 44 + ILD