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Double Chamber™ Down Pillow


100% down pillow: inner core filled with concentrated down for enhanced support.

  • Guaranteed hypoallergenic
  • Medium support
  • Offers more warmth in the winter than feather pillows
  • Keeps you drier and cooler in the summer than feather pillows
  • Stays lofty longer than feather pillows
  • Softer and more luxurious than feather pillows

An exclusive pillow-in-a-pillow design: inner central chamber filled with concentrated down and surrounded by down. Luxuriously soft and fluffy while supportive...this is authentic real-luxury, better-than-hotel-quality all-down pillow.

Made with 550 fill power Hyperclean® large-cluster white goose down encased in a premium 500 TC 100% Egyptian cotton Barrier Weave™ fabric case, which is especially woven to ensure that no down will sneak out and sewn with double-stitched corded edge for extra durability.

This pillow very gently cradles the head and supports the neck while it provides enhanced support and longer lasting loft. In contrast to feathers, white goose down clusters are lighter, softer, more resilient, and last longer. Down clusters do not have hard quills that can poke the skin. Down provides more warmth but it evaporates moisture better and faster to keep you dry. Down has better temperature regulation that allows you to sleep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This pillow is carefully and well designed for optimal comfort. With proper care, this natural pillow will last for many years. With regular proper washing and fluffing, it will stay clean and as fluffy as when it was new.


Firmness Options: Medium

Pillow-in-a-pillow, down-around-feather pillow: Inner & Outer Core Filling: Hyperclean® 550 fill power Pacific Coast® down

    Permanent Case: 500 TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Barrier Weave™ fabric, double-needle stitched corded edges
    Removable Case: May be purchased as an option
    Country of Origin:  Made in the USA of Imported Materials
    Product Care:  Machine wash and dry
    Manufacturer's Warranty:  5 year limited warranty