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100% Natural Shredded Latex for D-I-Y Pillows and Mattress Toppers


Our shredded latex product is a byproduct of only clean and brand new natural latex.

Latex is natural and promotes your best health. It is hypoallergenic in that dust mites do not live in latex. The superior breathability of latex inhibits any growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, which dust mites feed on.

Our latex is shredded with maximum possible consistency, but size irregularities can be expected at a minimum. For demonstration purposes only, we show a picture of a twenty-five-cent coin next to random pieces so that can set some expectations. The bigger pieces enhance support, and it does not jeopardize comfort for bed pillows. Depending on the covering, they may not be noticeable.

Only if you need to, you may place the shredded latex in a completely sealed washable zipper bag, and wash it in gentle cold cycle. Air dry only in the shade. Keep latex away from the sun especially if it is wet or moist.

Note that latex is heavier compared to ordinary filling materials, and shredded latex can be really messy to work with.


Because shredded latex are loosely packed, they will take the shape of their container. If packed densely, the volume of their encasement is maintained.

Shredded latex can create sizes and shapes of unimaginable variety. Using shredded latex you can make non-toxic bed pillows, throw pillows, bolster pillows, bone shaped pillows, any pillows, mattress, mattress toppers, dog beds, bean bag chairs, ottoman, couch, stuff toys, teddy bears, etc.

You can use it as extra filling to fluff up your existing bed pillow, throw pillow, dog bed, bean bag, etc.


The most popular use for shredded latex is in creating a custom-comfort bed pillow. Remember that the fabric type of your encasement will affect the overall comfort. With thicker fabrics, you feel less of the latex on the surface and any irregularities may not be felt. Soft knits allow more movement and are great for making soft pillows. Woven fabrics restrict the latex and create a firmer surface.

The amount of latex that you have and the volume of the encasement create the overall firmness. If you pack it densely, your pillow will have less give. You can pack it very loosely if you are looking to create a low profile pillow. A loosely packed shredded latex pillow will not keep its volume and shape, but can always be "massaged" on the fly to conform to your comfort needs.


To give you an idea, we built some samples:

(1) Three pounds shredded latex generously filled a bag with flat dimension of 17.5" x 24.5," creating a Medium Firm Standard size pillow (see picture), ;

(2) Three pounds generously filled a bag with flat dimension of 19" x 19," creating an insert for throw pillow (see picture). If you use your throw pillow for napping or sleeping, you can make a firm and fat throw pillow out of three pounds and probably two if you prefer a softer and thin flatter,;

(3) We filled a 26" x 40" Cordura Nylon fabric zipper case that has 4" gusset with approximately 18 pounds of shredded latex. The fabric is extremely strong and sturdy (see picture). In the picture, our 60-pound Shar-Pei/German Shepherd hybrid dog excitedly gave it a test. It took his weight, he was too big for it,;

(4) As another test, we removed the polystyrene beads from a 40" D x 20" H bean bag chair, and we replaced it with thirty-five pounds of shredded latex. (The polystyrene beads were great for the first weeks, but it flattened just after a couple of months that our dear dog used it.) Thirty-five pounds was more than enough to fill the case for sitting, however, the soft knit fabric was not strong and sturdy to stand after it was filled with the heavy shredded latex. It seemed luxurious for a dog bed, and our just dog loved it (see picture)!

For bean bag chairs, we recommend to use a vinyl or leather material or any strong and sturdy ticking that can not be easily weighted down.