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Sleep Chill Washable Soft and Cool Waterproof CoolMax®Mattress Protector


A hot sleep environment can hamper the quality of your rest. Sleep Chill Mattress Protectors incorporate breathable CoolMax® fabric to control the temperature of your bed, improve breathability, and create a cool-down effect that ensures you’ll feel comfortable while you sleep.


  • Temperature-regulating polyester CoolMax® fabric technology controls temperature
  • Improves breatheability compared to natural fibers, such as cotton.
  • Quickly evaporates moisture, enhancing the fabric’s cool-down effect.
  • No plastic feel.
  • Quiet fabric.
  • Extends the life of your mattress for comfort in all seasons.
  • 10-year warranty protects your mattress investment and warranty.


Material: Polyester CoolMax® fabric lined with waterproof membrane
Design: Fitted sheet style, waterproof top surface
Pocket Depth: Stretches to fit mattresses up to 18 inch deep
Color Options: White
Product Care: Machine wash and dry
Manufacturer's Warranty: 10 Years