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Sleep Chill Soft and Cool Waterproof Zipper Pillow Protector


Enjoy the cool side of the pillow all night long. Sleep Chill Pillow Protectors use breathable CoolMax® fabric to control the temperature of your pillow, enhance breathability on the surface, and evaporate any moisture for a cooler, dryer sleep. Protect your pillows from spills and stains, and enjoy them longer clean and sanitary and healthy. Pillow protectors are best to use in guestrooms, or if you have children.

Available finishes: White


  • CoolMax® fabric technology controls temperature through specially engineered polyester fibers.
  • Improves breathability compared to natural fibers, such as cotton.
  • Quickly evaporates moisture, enhancing the fabric’s cool-down effect.
  • Extends the life of your pillow for lasting comfort all night long.
  • No plastic feel.
  • Quiet fabric.
  • Comes with a 10-year limited product warranty, offering you peace of mind
  • Machine wash and dry.