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Proudly Made in the USA:

All our 1", 2", and 3" thick Talalay latex toppers are very fine first-hand quality latex made only by Talalay Global (aka Latex International)-the world's latex manufacturing leader. 

  • Talalay latex:
    • Offers exceptional support and pressure relief. Latex mattresses and toppers feel cloud-nine and heavenly,;
    • Is amazingly supportive but soft on the surface,;
    • Is a healthy and cool natural sleeping surface,;
    • Is comfort and quality that lasts,;
    • Offers the most uniform support from top to bottom and from head to toe. It has the most consistent cell structure and highest resilience.

    • Talalay latex foam is what makes up the most luxurious high-end mattresses, toppers, pillows, and bedding, and it is what makes them stand out when it comes to comfort, quality, and durability. Thank goodness that you would not need to break the bank to experience the luxury: we have a full collection of the world's best Talalay latex in our store! Click here.
    • We offer Talalay latex slabs (sheets or layers of latex) that are primarily used as raw components in building high-end mattresses and as inserts for mattress toppers, and they are also used in an unlimited variety of applications. They are bare without covers and they are NEVER treated with any chemical flame retardants. We have a great selection of optional zipper covers available for purchase.
    • All our Talalay latex pillows are made in the USA using the finest Talalay latex and complementing fabric covers.
    •  The open-cell structure of Talalay latex allows for unrestricted air movement, which makes the latex material highly breathable and not retain heat. Produced from a sophisticated manufacturing process called the Talalay process, the Talalay latex is more consistent than any other types of latex, and it is plusher, more flexible, more buoyant and spring-like, and more resilient. Because of the Talalay process, the Talalay latex highly consistent and offers uniform support from head to toe and from top to bottom.
    • Our Talalay latex products, 100% Natural Talalay and Blended Talalay alike, are safe to your health: non-toxic, does not off gas VOC's. All meet or exceed the requirements of  Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification for bedding materials, making them harmless to infants and all. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a worldwide independent testing and certification system that protects against harmful substances in raw materials and intermediate or final bedding products at all levels of production.
    • The Talalay latex is produced using a manufacturing process called the "Talalay" process, which employs a compound mixture consisting of raw materials like natural rubber-tree-sap latex and/or synthetic SBR latex. The mixture also includes zinc oxide, fatty acid soaps, and sulfur that are vital ingredients needed for the foaming, vulcanization and curing process. The liquid latex in the mixture can be solely natural latex or a proprietary combination of natural latex and synthetic latex, depending on the manufacturer and which formulation they choose to produce. Hence, you will find that 100% Natural Talalay latex and Blended Talalay latex are both commercially available.

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