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Customer Testimonials & Reviews For Our Pillows


"Dear Sleep*Like*A*Bear, There are no words to describe how EXCITED we are about our new pillows. For the first time in years my husband has finally had a good night rest (That is Priceless).   SleepLikeABear has gone above and beyond in helping us search for the right pillows that matched our specific needs. We are so impress on the services that was provide for us.  We will be telling all of our friends and family about your online store, and will be back shortly for a new bed topper!

Thank you again for all you have done, We are forever grateful!

With Much Love and Respect
Your # 1 Fans"

Dan and Linda (San Diego, CA)


"I purchased a latex pillow right before Christmas, and Evelyn at Sleep Like a Bear was like an angel. She did everything she could to help me not only get the right pillow, but get the pillow before Christmas day. Due to Evelyn's tremendous knowledge of the products and superb customer service skills, I have just purchased another pillow from Sleep Like a Bear. And yes, Evelyn was there to help me once again. Sleep Like a Bear will continue to get my business due to the great people within the company. I couldn't of asked for a better experience. I must warn you, having a comfortable latex pillow will only make others try to steal your pillow. You'll be ordering some additional pillows before you know it. Thank you Sleep Like a Bear, you have truly been a blessing!!"

Lisa S. (Texas)


"I want to start by saying that I am probably the pickiest person in the world when it comes to pillows. I have spent thousands of dollars and YEARS trying to find the “right” one.  I am American but live abroad which makes it even more expensive (and challenging since European pillows tend to be so much smaller and flatter than American ones!!!).  When I came back to the States this past Christmas I made it my mission to try a new pillow each night until I found one that really worked for me. The closest I found were the Malouf Z latex pillows. I love the feel of a latex pillow and Malouf offered a lot of options (firm, plush, etc.).  The cases were divine but unfortunately the plush were just too plush and the firm were just firm (although they were close to being what I wanted so I was willing to make due!) . The thing that nagged at the back of my mind though was that they were made in China which did not sit right with me- especially given how expensive they were!

As I was getting ready to come back to Switzerland I happened to find Sleep Like a Bear- more specifically Evelyn at Sleep Like a Bear. I explained my dilemma to her and she went above and beyond to help me.  I was thrilled to learn that Sleep like a Bear offered pillows in a medium plushness (which turned out to be PERFECT by the way) and also that all of their pillows are made in the USA.  Evelyn knew that I only had a two days left before I went back to Switzerland and did everything in her power to find me the right pillow (a big leap of faith over the phone!)  AND express ship it to me before I left. She called me several times and each time I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She was successful in getting it to me (literally on the day my plane was leaving) and it was simply perfect! She was spot on in her recommendation. AMAZING! I was so pleased with the experience that  when I got back to Switzerland I decided to order a pillow for my young son. This was a little more challenging /expensive because it was a direct shipment to Switzerland and given the customs fees/shipping costs, it actually is cheaper to keep a pillow that doesn’t work rather than to return it. Anyway Evelyn has continued to work with me and support me with my decision making process. She always follows up with me and checks in regularly and her recommendations are so accurate.  I have honestly never seen such fabulous customer service in my whole life and it makes me miss the US even more:).  I love this company and their products and Evelyn is a complete gem. I can not recommend Sleep Like a Bear enough! Simply WONDERFUL!!!”

Melissa (Gattikon, Switzerland)


"Got my new pillow and it works great!  Thanks for the extra piece of latex, that really made a big difference."

Henry (Cumming, GA)


"I ended up at the website because of the (very!) helpful guide to latex pillow firmness.  My own experiences with latex pillows made it abundantly clear that they could be wildly different in terms of latex density, so I searched the internet for a guide to latex pillow density.  That led me to SleepLikeABear---something I am thankful for!

When I called, the salesperson spent a good amount of time with me, asking me questions about my body size, height, sleep patterns, typical sleep positions, and so on.  I felt a little guilty when I took the information I received and purchased a pillow for less money from one of the large online outlet-style websites.  Well, the pillow I received wasn’t like the one I thought I would get.  It felt significantly softer.  So, I called back to SleepLikeABear and ordered the same pillow.  I am not a pillow expert---so this is my own opinion, obviously---but the pillow I received from SleepLikeABear felt firmer and of better quality.  Any small amount of money I saved was NOT a bargain because of all the time, lost sleep, and irritation I’ve dealt with.

I am so very thankful I found SleepLikeABear and it’s helpful, kind staff.  I suffer from a form of muscular dystrophy and deal with significant pain every day.  My bed and my pillows are tools in helping me manage that pain.  Thank you so very, very much for your help."

Timothy R. (Ozark, MO)


"I am very fussy about my pillows. I'm a side sleeper and have neck problems. I have tried dozens of pillows, memory foam, down, fiberfill, buckwheat, you name it. Sometimes they start out okay but then flatten out or get uncomfortable in some way. I also like to wash them and if you've ever washed a regular pillow then you know it's never the same afterwards. I decided I would make my own pillows. I wanted to be able to adjust the fill of the pillow as needed and to be able to "scrunch" the stuff inside where I wanted it to be, like under my neck for support, etc. I tried the shredded memory foam first. One problem with memory foam is that you can't wash it. It tends to keep flattening out under your head after you get comfortable, requiring adjusting it again and it also sleeps warm. It also had a smell.

I then discovered the joy of latex! I bought a 5 lb bag of shredded latex from Sleep Like a Bear and used that instead. What a difference! It sleeps cool, I can scrunch it, and best yet, I can wash it! I bought quilted pillow protectors and filled them with the shredded latex. I can add more latex or take some out to adjust my comfort level. Fantastic! I was able to make 2 standard pillows. They are very comfortable and I couldn't be happier."

J. Redding (CA)


"Just thought I would let you know that my wife and I love the topper. It has greatly improved the comfort of our bed, which means better sleeps and a better day ahead. A 2”, 19 ILD was the perfect way to soften a too firm mattress."

J. Bryan (Manitoba, Canada)


“Residing in a country where you can easily see row & row of rubber trees but unfortunately we were never blessed with good locally manufactured latex bedding products. After trying out all of the latex brands available in my country I was still trouble with sore neck & minor back pain when I woke up every morning. However, God in His merciful grace must have been listening to my prayer & He sent, Evelyn from SleepLikeaBear, to answer & solve my misery & suffering. She recommended me the right pillows & latex topper and the result was fantastic. My sore neck & back pain have disappeared & I even bring along my “SleepLikeaBear” latex pillow every time when I travel overseas for work or for leisure. My wife too is also addicted to this pillow since she decided to try sleeping on 1 a few months back. This will be my 3rd time purchasing SleepLikeaBear latex pillows to place them in my spare bedroom. Thank you very much Evelyn for turning my every night “nightmare” sleep into a “heavenly” sleep. May God continue to bless you & your company abundantly.

MALAY TRANSLATION: Tinggal di negara di mana anda dapat dengan mudah melihat baris & definisi pokok getah tapi sayangnya kita tidak pernah diberkati dengan lateks secara tempatan dihasilkan baik seperai produk. Setelah mencuba semua tanda lateks sedia di negara saya masih kesulitan dengan leher sakit & sakit tulang belakang ketika aku bangun setiap pagi. Namun, Tuhan dalam kasih karunia belas kasih Nya pasti sudah mendengar doa saya dan Dia dihantar, Evelyn dari SleepLikeaBear, untuk menjawab & menyelesaikan kesengsaraan & penderitaan saya. Dia mengesyorkan saya bantal-bantal yang tepat & puncak lateks dan hasilnya sangat hebat. leher saya sakit & sakit tulang belakang hilang. Aku bahkan membawa "SleepLikeaBear" bantal lateks setiap saat melakukan perjalanan ke luar negeri untuk bekerja atau untuk berehat. Isteri saya juga kecanduan bantal ini sejak ia memutuskan untuk mencuba tidur di 1 bulan yang lalu. Ini akan menjadi waktu saya beli 3 SleepLikeaBear bantal lateks untuk menempatkan mereka di bilik tidur tetamu saya. Terima kasih banyak Evelyn untuk menukar malam saya setiap "mimpi buruk" tidur dalam tidur "surgawi". Semoga Tuhan terus memberkati anda & Syarikat anda berlimpah.”

Daniel  (Puchong Selangor, Malaysia)


“The Talatech classic latex pillow I received from was wonderful! I am mostly a back sleeper, and the soft latex gave me great support and feels nice. If you don't want too thick of a pillow, or hate having to re-fluff a down pillow all the time, this is the one for you. Also their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them!”

Kit R. (South Pasadena, CA)


“I love my new Vibrance pillow. I have slept on it for two nights now and could not be happier. I have been sleeping on memory foam contour pillows for about four years. I would have to replace them regularly because they seemed to lose their support after awhile. I would also need to turn them several times during the night because they caused me to perspire. I can already see that this natural foam pillow is superior. There is no turning because the pillow keeps me cool and stays supportive all night long. I had reservations about ordering a pillow online but you helped me choose just the right pillow and I really appreciate your great service and follow up in making sure that I am satisfied with my purchase. I would certainly recommend Sleep Like a Bear to anyone. What a great company.”

Sandra M. (San Ramon, CA)


“If a robber breaks into my house and tries to steal my plush zoned pillow I know that I will win. He cannot take my pillow away. I love my pillow-it is sooo comfortable! I can't sleep without it. I take it with me wherever I sleep. It is so plush and squishy that I can make it into anything I want. I use it when I sleep on my back, my side, or my stomach. I have owned it for several months now and it hasn't changed on me. This is MY pillow!”

Betty B. (Lake Elsinore, CA)


"I have been in search of a firm latex pillow for a long time. This seller provided me prompt answers to my questions, I purchased it one afternoon and it was shipped that day. It came exactly as described and in fact of a higher qualilty than I anticipated. Do not hesitate to ask about the pillows because they know what they are talking about and their service is superb. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and service."

Kathy M. (Franklin VA)


“I just wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful product you have.

My husband received a gift pillow for his birthday, he loved it.  He got up before me one morning, so I thought I would try his pillow.  I fell back asleep and was amazed to find I had overslept by about an hour. I couldn't believe a pillow could make such a difference in a sound sleep. A sleep without tossing, turning and twisting my pillow as I try to get comfortable.  It made such a difference in my sleep that I had to have my own pillow, too.   I love it.  Thank you."

Elizabeth (Wildomar, CA)


“Thank you for your help in assisting me to choose the perfect pillow for me. It is your Rejuvenite Restora NuForm Pillow. Since I am an allergy and asthma sufferer, it is important that I choose a pillow that will not aggravate these problems.  This pillow is like sleeping on a cloud, absolutely heavenly. It is so much more comfortable than my old "memory foam pillow". You were most helpful and caring , making me feel that you were the company I wanted to deal with. This is the best pillow I have ever used. I am referring friends and family to you also.  Again I thank you and my neck and head thank you for a great night’s sleep.”

Elaine from New York


“These pillows are incredible !! Best nights sleep we've had in years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

P. Bartelloni (Palm Harbor, FL)