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Cherroly™ Cherry Pits Microwaveable Weighted Heating Pad


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Cherroly™ Weighted Heating Pad

the power of Cherry Pits + Heat

Experience moist heat therapy and relieve pain naturally. Oh, oh soooo good!

With its very soft all-natural organic fabric and carefully chosen weight and density, our cherry pit heating pad offers a perfect amount of pressure and a soothing and relaxing heat that lasts. While heat increases blood flow and hence relieves tension and soothes sore muscles and aches, you may enjoy the luxuriously relaxing feel of our weighted cherry pits heating pad.

The round texture of cherry pits makes it feel so good as it conforms nicely to your body. If you place your back against it while you sit on a chair, our Cherroly cherry pits pad will not pack down and feel hard like other pads that are filled with small grains. 

Our microwaveable Cherroly cherry pits heating pad offers moist heat where applied. Moist heat, similar to what you can get from a hot bath, penetrates the muscles better for more effective pain relief.

  • PRO HEALTHY LIFE: Filled only with all-natural cherry pits that are extracted and dried without any chemicals added and sealed in 100% organic cotton fabric.
  • LUXURIOUSLY SOFT: Made with very soft 100% certified organic knit cotton fabric
  • THERAPEUTIC: Offers moist heat and a perfect amount of pressure.
  • SAFE TO MICROWAVE. No Velcro or zipper enclosures, no plastic or metal to worry about. Our all-natural cherry pits and cotton materials leave no harmful residues for when you cook your food. Read our Safe Use & Care Instructions
  • HEATS FAST & STAYS WARM: Heats up conveniently and stays comfortably hot for at least 30 minutes. Our Cherroly™ heating pad retains heat longer than most other heat sacks in the market. Just as with anything that you heat in the microwave, you will need to get used to your product and know how much heat works perfectly for you. If using the product for the first time, microwave  it in smaller intervals and between times feel to test if it has reached your  desired temperature. 
    • Below is our recommended microwave heating time for the various sizes (Note that our recommendations have been based on using samples of our products after heating them inside a 1.7 cubic ft household microwave that is equipped with a turntable at 1,000 watts of cooking power):
      • Small: up to 2 minutes
      • Petite: up to 2 1/2 minutes
      • Medium: up to 4 minutes
      • Large: up to 5 1/2 minutes
  • FRUITY SCENT: Our cherry pits have been washed and cleaned and dried. Since they were not treated for anything, they have a natural scent that gets more activated when heated.
  • HEAT, CHILL OR USE AS IS: You may use it hot, warm, chilled, or at room temperature. Our cherry pit bag can be heated to help reduce neck and back pain, tensed muscles, stomach cramps. It can be chilled and applied to reduce swelling. It can be used without chilling or applying heat just as a simple comfort buddy, a huggy buddy, a pillow.
  • WASHABLE: Whoa-unlike corn and other more common filling, cherry pits can be wet! While we recommend that you use a removable washable cover to easily keep your product clean, you may spot clean or wash it with mild soap and cold water if needed.
  • WILL NOT MILDEW OR MOLD, WILL NOT TURN RANCID like other seeds and grains.
  • 2-YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: We will repair or replace the product if any defects may result from poor workmanship or problematic materials.
  • MADE IN USA: We are proud of it!

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