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Customer Testimonials & Reviews About Us As A Company
We pride ourselves in our Customer Service because we want to cater each order specially to help you get a good nights' sleep & wake up refreshed.


...I called the company several times before placing an order to get information about the products and advice on varying levels of mattress firmness that might suit my children best. I was actually able to speak to the same person on the phone every the I called- and she remembered me! She also helped me find the perfect pillow for my height, weight, and preferred sleeping position.  The staff at Sleep Like A Bear a very friendly and helpful, even emailing me copies of oeko-tek 100 certificates. This is a rare company with excellent customer service!  Highly recommended."

 Erin (Farwell,TX)


The staff at were very helpful, I felt they earnestly wanted to help me make a good decision with the mattress purchase. I ended up with a %100 natural Latex 6" Dunlop mattress in medium firmness, a 3" 100% natural Latex Talalay mattress topper in 28 IFD firmness for a complete 9" thick mattress, and a bamboo cover. To make a long story short, this bed is heaven. I now love getting into my bed because I know I'm going to sleep.. well like a bear :-) The mattress is so soft with great give to take pressure away from the sore joints, but firm at the same time so I don't feel like I'm sinking into it. I wish I had made the decision to buy a Latex mattress 20 years ago, I will never buy another kind of mattress. I now recommend a Latex mattress to all my friends and family who will listen. It's just an all around healthier choice."

Dan E. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


"On a side, but still relevant to this attempt at a proper thank you, I want to say that I've gotten to know some of the ways of spirit in my life, and I can testify that things don't always go as the mind thinks they should.  It's obvious that you also know and understand this on some level as well.  For example, if one expects to be materially/ financially profitable, then one should give away as much as possible.  This makes no sense on the level of intellect alone, for shouldn't it be true that if one expects to be successful, materially, then one should save/ invest as much as possible?  However, the more I give the more I end up having, and others have noticed the objective truth of this in my life.  It's eerie at times, and that has been the undeniable paradigm in my life for at least ten years.  Now, I've come across a like minded individual whose blessing me disproportionate to a minor mistake in my order, and I can't help but feel unworthy!  However, let GOD be GOD.  All this to say that I feel this companies' heart is in the right place, seemingly focused in this lady who takes our orders.  This is business with a truly human touch, not "it's just business".  I would be very let down if she left.

All tolled, I ended up not only with my original idea for my son's bed, but an additional idea from Evelyn which trumps my own, leaving me with extra latex, and at no extra cost!  Don't call Sleep Like A Bear to take advantage of this gracious and extremely helpful nature, call these people because this is the kind of company that literally deserves our support.  Their hearts are obviously warm and alive.  You won't be well, there is no better selection of the types and differing densities of latex out there--not by a long shot.  They even pay your shipping!

I have no idea when a future order will take place at this point, but I would definitely feel some real guilt if I didn't continue to give these folks my business.  They've more than earned it!"

I am Back! (Todd from OR)


"After much research, I decided to order my 3” Rejuvenite talalay latex mattress topper from sleeplikeabear. There were other companies that offered the product for a few dollars less, but their customer service reviews were less than stellar.  I definitely made the right decision.

I received the wrong order by mistake,and I had opened the box before reading the packing slip.  I was positive that I was in for a huge hassle. 

I was relieved and delighted when the friendly customer service at sleeplikeabear addressed my problem immediately, and bent over backwards to ensure that I was caused as little inconvenience as possible.  A replacement topper was being sent out as we spoke.  I have had some unsavory experiences with internet customer service in the past, and I have to say that experience with sleeplikeabear was a refreshing change. 

Both products were of fine quality.  I absolutely love my new Rejuvenite mattress topper.  I ordered the“plush” (19 ILD) to soften up a standard latex mattress I had purchased from Original Mattress Factory.  The mattress turned out to be firmer than expected, and because I am a side sleeper I was still waking up with aches and pains.  I have only used the topper a few times, but so far it has improved my sleep tremendously, and is asclose to “sleeping on a cloud” as I've come. 

Sleeplikeabear truly values their customers!  I would heartily recommend them to anyone, and will surely purchase from this company again in the future."

Adrienne (Durham, NC)


"Hello Sleep Like a Bear, I wanted to say how helpful all the staff (especially Evelyn) have been in helping me to sleep like a bear! Your very patient staff have worked with me to help me understand how natural latex foam can help me sleep better and feel better. So thanks so much for your patience and professionalism in this process.  I really do appreciate it!"

A. Frank (Davis CA)


"I am SO impressed with you and your company. And trust me ... I am not easily impressed!! I had done enough research by the time we talked (and I had been disappointed in aspects of how a few other companies appear to handle business) that I could tell I found a quality company. It also was obvious I found a very smart, caring and tenacious person with whom to place my order. Your questions and concerns made it obvious you want to find the absolute best product for the situation. THANK YOU!! That makes happy customers.

SO DOES YOUR PACKAGING!! Wow. I don't want ANY kind of bugs crawling into a box of mattress material on a delivery truck (or in my driveway, either). Every box seam was sealed tight. And I noted you use heavier boxes than I usually see.

The detailed email is appreciated, too. My adjustable beds arrive early -- tomorrow evening. After trying out the pillows, we can't wait to sleep on your latex mattresses.

(You do know your stuff -- the first, softer pillow I ordered does not work great for side sleeping. Just like you said! But we love it for other sleep positions.)

Whether the covers are here or not will not be a problem. I have good zippered allergy encasements washed and ready to go. And the zippers as you usually do them is FINE. They look so heavy duty, I am not concerned.

Thanks, too, for your concern and attention. Our troubles are not any worse, at least!! And you've made one aspect of our revamping SO MUCH MORE PLEASANT AND EASY that it might otherwise have been. I know how disappointing shopping and purchasing can be for anyone these days, despite best efforts to find quality. You took a big task and worry off my plate."

Wanda H. (TX)


"The toppers finally made it to Nicaragua, but only after our friend in Beaumont  tracked down the UPS truck in a shopping center parking lot and then having Continental "lose" it for a few days. Those adventures aside, we are very pleased with the comfort the toppers have provided for the first week we have had them. Thanks for your efforts not only in helping me to decide what product to buy but also in assisting us with UPS. We'll certainly recommend SLAB to those we come across looking for bed solutions. Regards."

A. H. (Nicaragua)


"We received our products last night and let them "air out" for two hours before we fitted them into our mattress cover. We had a very restful night's sleep using these mattress toppers and the only issue is the pillow you had sent for me (Joe - the RejuveNite Natural High-Profile), unfortunately it was way too high of a profile and way too hard for me to use as a head pillow.

We really appreciated your wonderful customer service. You were very prompt and extremely helpful in selecting the right products. You are a great credit to your organization, and we are very happy with our purchase. Very respectfully,"

Jo S. (Germany)


“The customer service is outstanding at sleep like a bear.  E***** really took the time to understand my situation, and to make sure that I was getting the very best product possible.  I was nervous about buying a topper on-line (without even feeling it), but I am glad I did.   I don't think I could be any more pleased with the 2" 27 ILD Celsion. I no longer have back pain when I wake up in the morning, and I can really feel the difference; it is a lot cooler than the regular latex toppers..Thank you so much for all of your help.  I will definitely shop here again. Janice ”

Janice (Minneapolis, MN)


"Hallow,  Ms E__ aka First of all, I think customer service is very important, an this company has that to a tee, thank god because a lot of companies is very poor in that area. But not only do you have excellent customer service, but you're very  personable too, which make it even all the better to shop. A person doesn't mine spending there hard earned money with your company. All the wonderful things people(customers) had to say about you was phenomenal. I really like that! Anyway, enough about you hahaha!!! The pad is wonderful! I learned a lot from you. I haven't slept on it yet, but just be  me lying on it for that couple minutes told me I LOVE IT...&   Thank You soooooooo much...DeAngelia Metoyer"

D. Metoyer (Detroit, MI)


"It is important to trust a company you are dealing with, especially with something as crucial as your daily night’s sleep. I can honestly say that the people at have the best customer service of any company I have EVER worked with. It was difficult to find just the right match for both my partner and myself and one representative, in particular, was so helpful and patient as she went through all the options and taught me about the world of latex. The company dealt with me, a rather challenging customer, with integrity, honesty and kindness. It is hard to know who to trust on the internet, but you have stumbled upon a real gem with I highly recommend doing business with this company."

C. Braun (Los Angeles, CA)


“I will definitely refer people to your company!! Your customer service was like night to day from the other company I had just ordered pillows from. I was determined to get the right pillow after so many weeks of poor sleep. I credit you with the fact that you really went out of your way to try to understand why the pillows I received weren't working and in helping me to understand what the problem might have been. In this day and age precious few people are willing to give of their time and effort to help someone else. Thank you so much once again!”

L. Maine (Pen Argyl, PA)


“Provided very helpful elaborate answers to questions and performed flawlessly.”

E. Shimkus (La Luz, New Mexico)



Jennie R. (Marina, CA)