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"It is important to trust a company you are dealing with, especially with something as crucial as your daily night’s sleep. I can honestly say that the people at have the best customer service of any company I have EVER worked with. It was difficult to find just the right match for both my partner and myself and one representative, in particular, was so helpful and patient as she went through all the options and taught me about the world of latex. The company dealt with me, a rather challenging customer, with integrity, honesty and kindness. It is hard to know who to trust on the internet, but you have stumbled upon a real gem with I highly recommend doing business with this company."

C. Braun (Los Angeles, CA)


“The absolute finest vendor I have ever dealt with.”

B. Levers (Esperance, NY)


"Hello There! I've owned my mattress from you for two years and it feels the same as the day I bought it! Comfortable, stable support. I struggle with a lot of back pain and having a Latex Topper mattress has been a huge help with that.”

Megan (Indiana) 


"Great doing business with you!  Customer service is excellent. If one can afford it, this is the only way to go.  This mattress is fit for kings and queens -movie stars and the like. Memory foam & sleep number beds don't even come close to the quality and comfort....I've tried them all. I will stay in touch and I certainly will pass on your information to those that are interested."

A.K. (Palm Springs, CA) 


"I have been in search of a firm latex pillow for a long time. This seller provided me prompt answers to my questions, I purchased it one afternoon and it was shipped that day. It came exactly as described and in fact of a higher qualilty than I anticipated. Do not hesitate to ask about the pillows because they know what they are talking about and their service is superb. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and service."

Kathy M. (Franklin VA)


“Provided very helpful elaborate answers to questions and performed flawlessly.”

E. Shimkus (La Luz, New Mexico)


"I live in the UK, but ordered my mattress topper from the States because I couldn’t find a 100% Natural Talalay product in this country. I was a bit nervous about receiving such a costly item from overseas, because I was worried about a) the quality of the product; b) which tension to choose without trying it out; c) whether it would be straightforward to get it shipped here; and d) what the import duty would be. That’s a lot of worries! Especially as these items are not cheap!

I needn’t have worried at all – I made my initial enquiries by phone (remembering that they are 7 hours behind over there!) and was answered quickly each time I rang. The member of the sales team who answered me could not have been more helpful. Evelyn spent a lot of time and attention making sure I was choosing exactly the right combination product for my needs. She was always really friendly and helpful (even though I did phone quite a few times with my various concerns!). She steered me successfully through to my final choice. There was a hiccup when the package got diverted to Ireland by mistake, but Evelyn contacted USPS straight away to instigate an enquiry, and it was soon on its way to me again. I felt that Evelyn genuinely cared as to whether we were happy and satisfied with the product.

Luckily we really love our new mattress topper! My husband and I are now both sleeping like bears…….zzzzzz. Kindest regards."

From UK With Love


“If a robber breaks into my house and tries to steal my plush zoned pillow I know that I will win. He cannot take my pillow away. I love my pillow-it is sooo comfortable! I can't sleep without it. I take it with me wherever I sleep. It is so plush and squishy that I can make it into anything I want. I use it when I sleep on my back, my side, or my stomach. I have owned it for several months now and it hasn't changed on me. This is MY pillow!”

Betty B. (Lake Elsinore, CA)


"I ordered a custom-sized bamboo-cotton cover for a Talalay topper I recently bought. I am immensely pleased with the quality of the product, the workmanship to reduce it to size, and the ease in putting it on my topper.

Thank you so much for doing the work in the time estimated and making me feel this was money well spent in extending the life of my topper. Your customer service, as well, was outstanding in cheerfully explaining the products on the phone and helping me choose what was best."

Jill (New York, NY)


"I tried different kinds of mattress toppers for almost a year before finding Sleep Like A Bear.  I needed something to soften up my firm mattress but not be too soft.  Memory foam and polyurethane foam all compressed too much, and a cheap latex pad of unknown density from another vendor was too firm.  I've learned that latex is by far the best topper material for me because it holds its shape and support and doesn't compress.  Sleep Like A Bear is the only company I've found that offers anywhere near this selection of densities and thicknesses and different types of latex.  Best of all, they have wonderful customer service. Your Customer Service rep was incredibly helpful and friendly when I ordered some samples to start with and then placed two different topper orders.  It is rare to find such personalized and responsive service these days.  In addition, the toppers were of good quality and were labeled with the manufacturer's name and the density.  If you are looking for a place to get a latex topper of the specific density and thickness that you want, this is a great company to order from!"

M. (Charlotte, NC)


“The Talatech classic latex pillow I received from was wonderful! I am mostly a back sleeper, and the soft latex gave me great support and feels nice. If you don't want too thick of a pillow, or hate having to re-fluff a down pillow all the time, this is the one for you. Also their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them!”

Kit R. (South Pasadena, CA)


 "Even three years later my topper and pillow are resilient, and just as comfortable as the day I got them. The topper makes sleeping on a 20+ year old bed tolerable (now in the guest room). I've recommended these products to all my friends over the years. I even bought a similar product in a department store, but the quality was severely lacking in comparison.."

Kyle S (NOT Anymore Sleepless in Seattle)


 "I wanted to write to tell you that after research on bed toppers and foam beds, and companies that sell them, I called "Sleep Like a Bear" and talked with E. I have had Lyme disease in the past and am sometimes extremely sensitive to pressure, and my current mattress ( although not old ) was just too firm for me. I purchased 2 latex toppers of different ILD ratings (with a Bamboo cotton cover) on E's advice, and received the packages last week. OMG - I haven't slept this well in months and I'm waking up without pain! Thank You Sleep like a Bear!!

B. Peck (Westford, VT)