Multiple Purchase Customer Testimonials & Reviews


"I purchased 2 foam pillows, and 2 twin mattresses with covers and waterproof pads from Sleep Like A Bear.  We have had them a little over a month now and like them very much. My children find the mattresses soft and comfortable. They arrived quickly, within a week of ordering. I called the company several times before placing an order to get information about the products and advice on varying levels of mattress firmness that might suit my children best. I was actually able to speak to the same person on the phone every the I called- and she remembered me! She also helped me find the perfect pillow for my height, weight, and preferred sleeping position.  The staff at Sleep Like A Bear a very friendly and helpful, even emailing me copies of oeko-tek 100 certificates. This is a rare company with excellent customer service!  Highly recommended."

Erin (Farwell,TX)


"When I came across the Sleep Like A Bear website, I saw that they have a wide range of products. I had trouble sleeping and tried products by other companies that didn't work. What caught my interest at Sleep Like a Bear, among other things, was that their latex foam mattress toppers conform to your body while giving support, are free of harmful chemicals, and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and are made in the USA.

I called and Evelyn was delightful to work with and very helpful. I placed an order for their one inch extra soft 14 ILD mattress topper, and I am amazed that an inch of soft foam can make such a huge difference in a good night's sleep! I then called about a pillow and with Evelyn's help, ordered a Rejuvenite low profile latex pillow, which I love.

My bed is like a cloud. I then ordered a latex topper at the request of my 6-year-old granddaughter who has a very hard mattress. When it arrived, she said, Awesome! Wake me up next Saturday! And I agree.

(Later Purchase) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bamboo pillow case. It’s hard to believe that it could have made the best pillow I ever had even better, but it did! Emma is still sleeping like a bear (cub), all comfy and cozy. As you can imagine, this has made her family very happy. I might want a bamboo mattress pad cover for her bed and mine. I tried many different pillows before I came across the Sleep Like a Bear website. With Evelyn's expert help, I now have the most wonderful pillow. It's their low profile Rejuvenite latex pillow. It soft, yet gives support, stays cool, and retains its shape without flattening out during the night. It came in a Celsion zippered cover, but Evelyn suggested I try their new bamboo zippered cover, and it actually made the best pillow ever, even better! I love it!""

Joanne J. (Maryland)


”I finally completed my bed project and installed it in the boat last evening and love it. Attached are a few initial pics. 
Once again, thank you so much for your tremendous assistance and knowledge and experience recommending the  covers for the latex foam. As you might can tell from the photos, the bed does have a few complex cuts and angles. 

The bed is 6” Talalay International latex and the covers  “as you know”  are the Bamboo Knit for mattress ticking and over that is the Cool Comfort protector. Your recommendation for the added quantity both in the 14” side on the Bamboo Knit and two kings for the Cool Comfort provided enough material for my upholstery shop to complete the task. As you can see from the photos, the Cool Comfort protector zips up just like the Bamboo. It’s a total encasement. I slept on it last night and did not use any sheets for the first night so I could feel the Cool Comfort and I must say, WOW! Does it feel great. I will however, put my sheets on this evening (maybe…)

Thank you again for helping me with this unique project and I’m sure many of my boating friends at the marina will want to know where I purchased the covers and you can be assured that I will send them your way.

Restful Sleeping Like a Bear :)"

Gary H. (Columbia, SC)


"I wanted to try the Natural Talalay Latex Foam Low-Profile pillow to go with our purchase of a new Talalay Foam bed. I was ordering the King size when I called to ask a question before placing my order. The representative was very helpful and after asking me a variety of questions including how I normally sleep (mostly side, but trying to switch to back) and other things like narrow shoulders (yes) and length of neck (short) she suggested that the Queen would be better. She said the King size Low-Profile was about an inch less in height than the Queen but was mostly recommended for stomach sleepers. So, I ordered the Queen.

When it arrived I knew from the start I would have a problem as it seemed too high. I persevered and tried it anyway…for four days…until a terrible neck ache made me stop using it. Because I liked the idea of the Talalay (no smell, a natural product from a renewable resource and no worry about allergies or dust mites as with a down pillow) I went ahead and ordered the King size. While King is definitely a lower profile than the Queen, it was still too much for me. I think it mostly stems from the fact that it is not “malleable.” The Talalay foam stays in the same shape - you can’t roll it around ‘to fit’ like you can a down pillow, for example.

So, even though it’s not a high pillow, it put the back of my head up too high without giving the neck support I needed. So, I contacted them again. She suggested I try the 3 lbs of shredded Latex International latex foam and micro velour pillow protector to make a custom pillow to fit my needs until I could afford to try another type of pillow.

The pillow protector is the best one I’ve ever seen…it’s waterproof and extremely plush. It’s taking me several tries to get the right amount of shredded foam in the case to get the pillow exactly right, but it is working great. The feel of the shredded latex is more like the feel of a down pillow, in that you can squish it around to get just the right support where you need it. It’s the best so far."

Jan P. (WA)


"I am SO impressed with you and your company. And trust me ... I am not easily impressed!! I had done enough research by the time we talked (and I had been disappointed in aspects of how a few other companies appear to handle business) that I could tell I found a quality company. It also was obvious I found a very smart, caring and tenacious person with whom to place my order. Your questions and concerns made it obvious you want to find the absolute best product for the situation. THANK YOU!! That makes happy customers.

SO DOES YOUR PACKAGING!! Wow. I don't want ANY kind of bugs crawling into a box of mattress material on a delivery truck (or in my driveway, either). Every box seam was sealed tight. And I noted you use heavier boxes than I usually see.

The detailed email is appreciated, too. My adjustable beds arrive early -- tomorrow evening. After trying out the pillows, we can't wait to sleep on your latex mattresses.

(You do know your stuff -- the first, softer pillow I ordered does not work great for side sleeping. Just like you said! But we love it for other sleep positions.)

Whether the covers are here or not will not be a problem. I have good zippered allergy encasements washed and ready to go. And the zippers as you usually do them is FINE. They look so heavy duty, I am not concerned.

Thanks, too, for your concern and attention. Our troubles are not any worse, at least!! And you've made one aspect of our revamping SO MUCH MORE PLEASANT AND EASY that it might otherwise have been. I know how disappointing shopping and purchasing can be for anyone these days, despite best efforts to find quality. You took a big task and worry off my plate."

Wanda H. (TX)


"Even three years later my topper and pillow are resilient, and just as comfortable as the day I got them. The topper makes sleeping on a 20+ year old bed tolerable (now in the guest room). I've recommended these products to all my friends over the years. I even bought a similar product in a department store, but the quality was severely lacking in comparison.."

Kyle S (NOT Anymore Sleepless in Seattle)


"It's been a while since I last contacted you. I made my own latex mattress. It originally ordered 2 Talatech toppers: 3" of 36 ild and 3" of 32 ild. I tried to get by with these two. But, they were too firm. So I added a  Celsion topper:  2" of 27, and eventually another Celsion topper: 2" of 21 ild. The 21 ild wound up being the perfect top layer for me. It gives great support and I have no back pain. I also like the temperature regulating feature of the Celsion. It's not magic, but it does help.I had to do it over again, I'd buy 3" of 32 ild Talatech, 3" of 28 or 24 ild Talatech, and 2" of Celsion 21 ild.

I also bought the velour mattress / pillow protector. It is perfect. I am happy with everything!

Latex is much better than any spring mattress I've ever owned! It wound up costing less than a department store bed that only contained 30% latex. Also, I can flip and rotate mine if I choose to.

I cut down the samples you sent me + have been giving them to family and friends along with your business cards.

The reasons I ordered from you are: 1) You had no complaints with the Better Business Bureau. 2) There were no negative reviews about your company online. 3) Great prices! 4) Your customer service team was very patient when answering my questions. 5) Your site made it easy to understand exactly what I was ordering."

Carl (Illinois)


"Just wanted to let EVERYONE know that my wife and I were having very bad experience with other business out there selling cheap foam and latex and having to keep their products because they would stand behind there products sleep like a bear went the extra mile trying three different latex toppers until we found the right combination that worked for us and the pillow that Evelyn recommended was the best EVER!!!! We have tried tp, feathers, and latex pillows all were to wrong, but the low profile Celsion was OMG the best softest pillow i have ever felt. and the latex is the best quality i have seen. i would highly recommend the products to anyone trying to better their mattress or pillow. thanks to SLAB we are now hibernating!!!!"

Aaron (Grants Pass OR)


“I have Fibromyalgia & had been experiencing weeks of excruciating pain before I found your company on Ebay, after initially contacting you about your pillows you have been extremely helpful & informative taking your time to explain the specifications & benefits of each type of pillow & helped me determine which pillow would be right for me...I also inquired about the mattress toppers & you suggested the Plush 19 ILD 2.8 topper.

Since receiving the topper & Queen soft/plush zoned pillow my sleep has been vastly improved, I seem to sleep more soundly & wake up with little to no pain which is truly a blessing for me...I am so happy I found your company & would recommend your company with confidence to anyone who wishes to experience a good nights sleep!

Stephanie (Chicago, IL)


“Thank you for your great service and advice. We love the Talalay mattress topper and pillows! We have been using them for about a year now and they look as new as the day we received them. Just as you said, they retain their shape and comfort. These are the most comfortable pillows we have had, and we had tried Temperpedic and another Talalay pillow. The mattress topper is equally as comfy. We appreciated your guidance  selecting the thickness for the mattress topper, based on our sleep preferences and body shape/size. Your knowledge allowed us to get exactly what we needed. We have recommended Sleep Like A Bear to our friends and will look to you the next time we need anything.”

Sonja Gettel (Glendora, CA  USA)


“Got my pillows and topper yesterday! I cannot put into words how pleased I am with my purchase! MONEY WELL SPENT!!

I do not remember the name of the lady who contacted me over the phone (long Distance) Nicest person ever this was last friday , after I had placed my order and had second thoughts I emailed asking what I should have asked before placing the order , she called me and opened my eyes and cleared all doubts I had and reccommended what I needed based on my needs.

SHE WAS A LIFE-SAVER AND A WONDERFUL LADY, she really helped me in deciding what to get , reason why today I’M A SUPER SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

She helped me so much I went based on her advise and got 2 pillows with the toppers I had placed over the web.

After nearly 3 weeks of research on the web for foam toppers and later latex talalay and 2 more before that in order to get the right mattress i finally came across you web site (took some time) using yahoo.

Other retailers/web sites don’t have as many option in either thickness and or resilience, yours is the most complete one I have come accross , reason why I took my chances and purchased from you.

I cannot wait until I get the other topper to put under the one I got yesterday!

Will highly recommend you people and GIVE THIS LADY A RAISE SAY HI TO HER FROM THE DOMINICAN CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

F. Benzo (Dominican Republic)


“This is probably one of my best online buying experience so far...your Talalay mattress is great and well worth the money!!! I've suffered for many years from what I thought was some kind of back problem. 'Didn't know most of it was coming from my bed. Who would think so? We spent quite much on a high-end innerspring mattress with a thick pillowtop?

Also I at first didn't think about buying Talalay pillows to go with my new mattress (since I just bought new ones) but I'm glad I did! My neck never felt better-I love these pillows! The mattress and the pillows are an awesome combination-they're almost a necessity to have! I can now sleep better and wake up with much more energy even though I only have very few hours to sleep everyday.

Thank you for the great customer service. I was able to ask a lot of questions without getting hassled!”

C. Wesley (Payson, UT)