Customer Testimonials & Reviews Over Mattress, Topper & Pillow Covers


"I ordered a custom-sized bamboo-cotton cover for a Talalay topper I recently bought. I am immensely pleased with the quality of the product, the workmanship to reduce it to size, and the ease in putting it on my topper.

Thank you so much for doing the work in the time estimated and making me feel this was money well spent in extending the life of my topper. Your customer service, as well, was outstanding in cheerfully explaining the products on the phone and helping me choose what was best."

Jill (New York, NY)


"When I first heard bout the Cool Shield pillow protector I contact Evelyn & asked her if this product is everything it said it was. Evelyn who was very helpful in going over the alternatives that different pillow covers make, assured me that it was, so I decided to purchase one & give it a try. One of my concerns was if it's noisy to sleep on like many of the waterproof cases of old are.

Well I have been sleeping on it for the past month, fitted on my Talatech Latex Foam Pillow & it sleeps just like it sound s; quietly & comfortably soft. Since then I have been buying this pillow protector for all our pillows, & haven't regretted a one of them. If you sleep hot, these really do feel a little bit cooler than the same pillow without it.

It's safe to say I will be doing all my ordering through Evelyn for all her time & attention she has given to all our bedding needs, this being one of them. Sleeping on it is the best way to decide if you're thinking about it.."

Eric S. (Pacheco, CA)


"I received my order this week and want to thank you for the prompt service and great quality. I purchased two of your Bamboo topper covers and the quality is top notch! The bamboo is soooooo soft to the touch and I am sure they will do nicely to protect the natural latex toppers they are encasing. Thanks again!"

William (Dallas, TX)