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NOTE: Please make sure to read our statements below as some, if not all, of our policies may have recently changed.

We carefully crafted store policies that we believe would be fair to all, with our valued customers first in mind and a desire to remain competitive so that we can be here for you whenever you need us. If you may have questions about any of our stated policies herein, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Make sure that your product was purchased from SleepLikeABear website store.

We e-mail a confirmation as soon as the order is placed. If you did not receive an e-mail confirmation for your order, and if you already checked your SPAM folder, and it was never there, you must notify us immediately by e-mail or by phone. We use the e-mail address that we are provided with the order, and it is possible that the issue is with the e-mail address.

FYI, we cannot change the original order online or the order confirmation that was originally e-mailed to our customer at the time the order was placed. If there are any needed changes that we approved, we send a separate e-mail to our customer confirming the change.

To help save trees, we discontinued mailing out printed receipts. However, if you would like a printed copy of your receipt to be mailed to you, you must request it within 30 days after you placed your order.

If you could not find your proof of purchase, contact us to provide us with all the information that we need to locate your order.

If you have a proof of purchase, you may continue with your Return request.


  • If your request is for Wrong Product or Damaged Product, you must send us a photo (or photos) and explain your complaint before we can authorize the request.
  • A completed RMA form is required on ALL returns. Request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) via our Contact Us page before the last day of the trial. If we authorize the return, a RMA will be e-mailed to the e-mail address in your order within 24 hours. If we need to mail the form to you, you must request the RMA sooner.
  • Ship your return on or before the trial period ends. If it ends on a weekend or a shipping holiday, you must plan to return the product earlier.
  • Ship your return ASAP to make sure it arrives within 20 days after the return was authorized. The RMA is deleted outside the timelines, and we may not be able to process your request if that is the case.
  • No drop-offs. All returns must only be shipped via a common courier to the return address stated in the RMA.
  • Return the product in sanitary condition only. We will not accept dirty or damaged returns.
  • Return all original manufacturer's packaging and tags. (All mattress toppers must be placed inside a plastic bag. To minimize the return shipping cost, you may read the instructions in our website on how to vacuum pack the foam for shipping.)
  • Seal the shipping package completely with a tape to prevent any bugs from riding.



(Effective on 07/01/18, the default trial period has been extended and the default Return Fee has been lowered!)

Always check the Product Page for any special Returns instructions. (NOTE: No returns on zipper covers that have been tried on or used.) 

Unless otherwise stated in the respective Product Page and until further notice:

  • Not Refundable are any amounts paid for Special Order, Service Fees, Expedite Shipping Service, and the like.
  • Return Fees equal to 15% of the amount paid, unless it is specified otherwise.
  • Return Shipping is paid for by our customer, unless it is specified otherwise.
  • Trial Period is 60 days starting at the date of purchase, unless it is specified otherwise
  • International customer always pays for any duties and brokerage fees associated with the return.

Because we will not have possession of your product at the time that the return is requested, we can only issue the appropriate refund after we receive your return. FYI, we issue refunds promptly within 2 to 4 business days after the order is returned and approved.

If you wish to try another similar product or an entirely different item, and if you wish to receive it ASAP, you may order it at the time.

You may purchase another item under no obligation. We will treat your new order as a completely new transaction, and so you will pay only whatever the item would cost at the time. If FREE Shipping is offered, you will NOT pay for shipping

Any other store that has an "EXCHANGE" policy would normally require that you pay for shipping the product that you wish to buy in exchange. If the replacement costs less than what you paid for, they do not need to refund you any price difference.

Our Cash-Back-Only policy is fair and simple for all!



NOTE: If you are present at the time of delivery, and if it is possible, inspect the package for any oddity, any errors, and any signs of product damage. Make sure to let the delivery person know about any issues. Make note of it, in the case that you may need to let anyone know later. If you would make a return claim, we will ask you for the information.

  • In any event that you have received a wrong or a damaged product, you must contact us within 48 hours of receipt. You must provide us with all the needed information and pictures in order to help us validate your claim. It is impossible for us to validate any type of claim that requires us to have physical access to the product, but if we have enough information to authorize the return at the time of the claim, we will issue a call tag or a prepaid shipping label for the product.
  • It is unfortunate for our customer if the incident occurred, and we would wish that it could have been avoided. We will promptly process your claim and replace your order as soon as the order is returned to us.
  • Equal Replacement Only: We are responsible to send you only the product in your order, and so under normal circumstances, we will only replace your order with a similar product. If you would request a replacement product that is different from your order, your claim will be treated as Comfort Return or Change of Mind, and the appropriate Return Policy will apply. The same is true if you decided that you do not want a replacement at all.
  • If a similar replacement is not available at the time, such as in the case of discontinued items, we will offer you another item of equal or lesser value, or we will refund the complete amount of your purchase after we receive your return and validate your claim.
  • We Expect To Receive The Problem Product Back. It is possible that you may receive a replacement product before we receive your return. If we do not receive your return in a 14 days and within reasonable time after the we  approved your claim, we will bill you for the replacement that we already sent. If your return arrives in used condition, or if is NOT wrong or NOT damaged, and so it does not match the original return claim, it will be treated as Comfort Return or Change of Mind, and the appropriate Return Policy will apply.



Our products are manufactured from the best materials available using the highest standards of workmanship in the construction. In the unlikely event that the product you purchased was defective and your claim was received outside our trial period, you may request a warranty return.

Without physical access to the product in question, we will initially determine whether your product may be covered or not, based on all the information that you provide. If you wish to continue with the Manufacturer's Warranty claim, we will initiate a claim.

The returned product will be inspected carefully upon receipt and sent back to the manufacturer for their evaluation. If your claim is valid and your product is covered, we will repair or replace the product.

If your claim is denied, you must pay for shipping if you would request to get your product back.

If the warranty claim is received outside of our store Return Policy guarantee period, our customer pays to ship the defective product to us and to receive the replacement or the repaired product.

For details, check information on the specific product. If you need help, you must contact us prior to purchasing.