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If you wish to top off your mattress with a natural latex product that feels dense yet very comfortable, our Dunlop processed latex topper may do the trick and will maintain its shape for many, many years.

The Dunlop processed latex exceeds most bedding material in quality and durability, and it is an affordable choice for many due to its simple and less costly manufacturing process. It is commonly used as a base (or core) component in mattress building- a prime choice for mattress assemblers and manufacturers to cut costs when building a luxury mattress that could be afforded by many.

The Dunlop latex material is denser compared to Talalay latex, and it progressively gets firmer as your body hits the material down. While many find the Dunlop latex to be too firm, Dunlop latex is actually an exceptional product owing to the fact that it is already naturally layered, and it provides a perfectly incremented support. Dunlop can feel very luxurious and provide outstanding pressure relief. The issue is that most people underestimate the product and pick the wrong firmness rating for them. It is a great matter of choosing the proper firmness that would suit you right. Sometimes, a layer or two of Talalay latex and/or other cushioning materials may be needed on top of a Dunlop sheet. Many, many of our customers are using a solid 6-inch slab of Dunlop to sleep on and love it. There are also many others that do not sleep directly on a Dunlop. Rather, they use a Dunlop latex sheet as a base or an intermediate layer.

Just some quick facts:

  • The Dunlop latex is produced using a manufacturing process called the "Dunlop" process, which employs a compound mixture consisting of raw materials like natural rubber-tree-sap latex and/or synthetic SBR latex. The mixture also includes zinc oxide, fatty acid soaps, and sulfur that are vital ingredients needed for the foaming, vulcanization and curing process. Sodium is also another ingredient used in the manufacturing. The liquid latex in the mixture can be solely natural latex or a proprietary combination of natural latex and synthetic latex, depending on the manufacturer and which formulation they choose to produce.
In contrary to what many think, the Dunlop latex is not always made with 100% natural latex. Just like the Talalay latex, Dunlop comes in varieties ranging from blended natural to 100% natural. The Dunlop latex is available in Certified Organic variety, but none of the Talalay latex manufacturers have tried to obtain that certification level for Talalay latex at this time.
  • The Dunlop latex is highly dense. It has uniform firmness from head to toe, and gets firmer down. Inherently, Dunlop has two surfaces that are different in firmness, which makes the 6-inch as an ideal mattress by itself, if not as a mattress base. When building a mattress, the layers are arranged so that the firmest layer is at the bottom and the softer ones are on top of the firmer layers. With Dunlop latex, this progressive layering technique is a natural occurrence.

So Which Side is Top, and which is Bottom?

If the core has not been trimmed around the edges you will see a factory affixed label as in pic. #1. As the label reads that is the Top or Softer side. 

If the core has been trimmed then the "pins" will be exposed such as in pic. #2. One side has much deeper pins that are slightly more than half way through the thickness of the core. This is the Top or Softer side. The other side has pins that are noticeably SHORTER. This is the Bottom or Firmer side. 

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