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Our Talalay latex pillows offer exceptional comfort and durability. They offer firm support and gentle cradle for your head.

Talalay latex is highly resilient and it responds quickly to contour around your neck and cradle your head with your every move. It is amazingly buoyant, and our softer variety would make you feel like sleeping on a cloud

The open-cell structure of our Talalay latex makes it an extremely breathable material that does not retain and build up heat, which helps let you stay in your ideal temperature while you sleep. Talalay latex does not allow moisture, and it inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and  mildew. Dust mites do not not live and thrive in Talalay latex material. Our Talalay latex pillows are hypoallergenic and do not trigger sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose.

When you sleep on our Talalay latex pillows, not only that you experience unparalleled comort, Talalay latex does not harm your health as it is a natural, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic product. Our Talalay latex pillows will last for many, many years and let you sleep comfortably from day one to finish!


While our Talalay latex pillows do not emit any harmful chemical gasses and they improve health while you sleep, they are also biodegradable and made with natural and harmless ingredients using an environmentally responsible and sustainable water based Talalay manufacturing process. Feel good-Talalay is great for your health and for our Earth!

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Our wide variety of Talalay pillows allows us to help meet the needs of a great majority of sleepers with various comfort needs and preferences.

We offer Soft , Medium, and Firm Talalay latex pillows in Low and High profile ratings and with some expected slight variations in between so that most, if not all, should find a pillow to perfectly suit their needs.

We must mention that comfort is a state of feeling that is subject to an individual and relative to present conditions. This does matter and explains why our "Soft" rated pillow, just an example, may not be soft to everyone and our "Firm" may be perfectly firm to some but too firm to others and not firm enough to the rest.

Our Talalay latex pillows, therefore are objectively sorted and labeled based on dimension and weight and external covering. The Soft, Medium, and Firm ratings include a range of weight values that need to be met.

With all being Talalay latex and the dimension held the same, the pillow weight determines its density, which affects how any individual would perceive its firmness. Since weight is objective and can be measured, it can be used to gauge the pillow's firmness.

Again, firmness, just like comfort, is completely subjective as well as relative. How a soft or a firm pillow would feel to an individual may change based on how the individual sleeps, the condition of the mattress that they are using, and their body built. All of which are factors that affect how the pillow would compress and conform for them.

Every sleeper has a personalized comfort need. We can try to help you find your perfect pillow!

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