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Our plastic bed legs provide a more cost efficient and safer alternative to the conventional metal bed frame or pedestal bed riser.

Replace your metal bed frame with our highly innovative bed leg system. These legs are available in various heights as tall as 10-inch. There is no need for dangerous and wobbly bed risers.

Say No to unsteady support, saggy mattress, squeaky bed, injured bruised shins, marred walls, and unsightly metal frames. Say Yes to sturdier bed support, longer mattress life, better sleep, safety for all, and a beautiful bedroom!


The individual bed legs are attached to the bottom of your box spring in a simple systematic configuration:

The Rule of Three:

(1) Use three bed legs per box spring rail;
(2) Depending on your bed size, you will need;
      6 bed legs for Twin, Twin XL
      9 bed legs for Full, Full XL, and Queen
    12 bed legs for King and Cal King
(3) Our Expansion Set comes as a set of three. If you need to upgrade from Twin to Queen or from Queen to King, our Expansion Set will do the job.

Simple Installation Instructions

Why Our Bed Legs?

  • Strong, durable, and all...

Better than metal bed frames... our bed legs system provides a strong, solid, no-wobble support for your bed while it promotes safety in the bedroom and helps create a beautiful, rich look. Say goodbye to annoying bed squeaks and with proper and more than adequate support, your mattress will sag less and last longer and you will sleep better.


  • Safe to use around...

Our bed legs are of smooth finish and are installed so that they do not protrude. Therefore, everyone around it, particularly crawlers, toddlers, and blind and visually impaired individuals, is safe. No more stubbed toes and banged shins again!

Unlike any other bed legs, our bed leg is designed to include a threaded base plate, which helps spread out the weight over a  larger area, ensuring that the leg can easily support the weight with minimal strain to the wooden rail. Also, with three bed legs installed systematically on each box spring rail, our bed legs system distributes the entire weight on the floor surface, which means reduced strain on your hard floor.


  • Portable and saves space...

Because our bed legs system is compact and lightweight, it is ideal to use in tight rooms, attics, and upstairs. Since the legs are installed recessed, your bed can be right against the wall. It is space saving and great for dorms and apartments.


  • Which leg height is right?

If you need a taller bed without requiring a thick or high-profile mattress, we offer 7” and 10” legs. Our 7" provides more than enough under bed storage. Our 10" offers the maximum under bed space, which is hard to find in other products.

If you need to lower your bed without changing to a thinner low-profile mattress, consider our 3" or 5” legs. A lower bed is easier to get on and off the bed for shorter people and small children, and those with mobility issues like the elderly and individuals who just had a surgery or may be suffering from an injury. Our 3" barely raises your bed from the floor, making cleaning still possible while letting your pets or little child to climb over with no help. Our 5" lowers your bed but still allows some good space under the bed. Note: Our 3” offers actual 3.25” clearance.

When deciding the leg height, you must measure how high you need the bed surface to be. Then subtract the thickness of your mattress (including any covers, pads, and toppers) and box spring. The difference should suggest which leg height you need. Consider the drop length of your bed skirt and the size and style of your headboard that you are using, if you need to satisfy any aesthetics.


  • Easy to install and adjust bed height...

Our Universal Bedlegs® bed legs system can be attached easily to your box spring. Using a screw driver, you may attach the threaded base plate directly onto the box spring and twist the threaded leg stem into base plate, which completes the installation. Once the base plate is secured to the box spring, you may adjust your bed height as you wish by replacing the leg stem with a shorter or a taller leg.


  • Works with most box springs...

The base plate has two position adjustments, making installation possible even with slightly narrower box spring rails.

Note that Full, Queen, E King, and Cal King box springs usually come with center rails. Make sure that all the side rails and the center rails are at least 3/4" thick and 2 1/4" wide. The rails should be strong solid wood. Make sure that your box spring does not have metal center supports.


  • Great for odd sizes and shapes...

As long as it has wooden rails that measure at least 3/4" thick and 2 1/4" wide, you may use our bed legs on your round bed, odd shape and odd size bed, couch, love seat, sofa, and furniture.