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Your Cherroly™ heating pad product is not a toy and requires adult supervision at all times. Use it at your discretion after reading the instructions below:

Heating Instructions:

Check your microwave power setting before heating your product. If using your heating pad for the first time, start by microwaving it at half of the recommended time. Visually inspect the product and cautiously check its temperature by touch before continuing. If you need to, continue to heat it with caution. If your microwave has a turntable (carousel), you may need to bend or fold the product ensuring that it fits well on the turntable and stays intact while it rotates. The product must be heated evenly to help avoid excessive heat on a given area. Determine the recommended heating time for your product based on the chart below

 Product Size Max. Heating Time (based on 1000 watts)
PETITE  (6 ½ x 21 inch) 2 1/2 minutes
SMALL  (8 x 12 inch) 2 mins
MEDIUM  (8 x 24 inch) 4 minutes
LARGE  (8 x 33 inch) 5 1/2 minutes


Note: Our recommendations are based on using samples of our products after heating them on High setting using a 1.7 cubic ft household microwave that is equipped with a turntable and rated at 1,000 watts of maximum cooking power. Your product may need more or less than the recommended time depending on your microwave’s power setting and your desired temperature.

WARNING: Do Not Burn Your Product!

Although your Cherroly™ heating pad consists of materials that have high resistance to heat, it was never treated with flame retardants. Therefore, if subjected to a relatively excessive heat and other conditions that encourage combustion, it is quite possible to burn the product. To help avoid burning your heating pad and catching fire in the microwave, you must heat your product evenly by following the instructions above and, always, before microwaving the product, check it to ensure that the product is dry AND free of oil, grease, food, and any other foreign material that can aid the product to burn. If the microwave is also used to heat or cook food, make sure that the microwave is kept clean before and after each use.


Cleaning Instructions:

Ideally use your product with removable & washable cotton cover to keep it clean and easy to maintain. Otherwise, your product may be spot cleaned at any time. You may also wash it with mild soap and water ideally by hand and letting it to air dry. Occasionally you may machine wash & dry the product ideally mixed with your regular laundry load and placed in a sealed laundry bag. No bleach. Beware of unbalanced load as the product is heavy and dense. The cherry pits can be wet. However, make sure that the heating pad is completely dry before using it again.


To Use Cold:

Your heating pad will not freeze. Enjoy the dry & mild coldness of your chilled heating pad.