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A Dunlop latex is a type of latex that is manufactured using the Dunlop manufacturing process. There is another type of latex that is commonly known: Talalay latex, which is a type of latex that is manufactured using the Talalay manufacturing process.
The chart below will lay down the general differences between Dunlop and Talalay latex.  It excludes anything else that is particular to the brand or manufacturer of the product.

  Dunlop latex Talalay latex
Natural latex content May contain natural latex only or a blend of synthetic and natural latex. The proportions are decided by the producer of the latex. You may choose to purchase blended latex, 100% natural latex, or certified organic latex product. May contain natural latex only or a blend of synthetic and natural latex. The proportions are decided by the producer of the latex. You may choose to purchase blended latex or  100% natural latex product.
Certified Organic Only very few varieties of Dunlop have been made to be certified organic. 100% Natural latex is the closest to certified organic that  you can have. Some manufacturers may already be following some, if not all, of the criteria for certified organic certification but obtaining the certification itself could be extremely costly for them. None of the only  two largest Talalay latex manufacturers in the world product certified organic Talalay to this date.
Cell Structure. A product with highly consistent cell structure is not lumpy and provides even support to every inch of your body. Less consistent cell structure compared to Talalay latex. More consistent cell structure compared to Dunlop latex.
Consistency from head to toe By default, the firmness is the same from head to toe. There are some varieties that come with three zones of firmness, five zones, and even seven zones. You may choose. By default, the firmness is the same from head to toe. It is very rare that Talalay comes with more than one zone of firmness.
Consistency from top to bottom The firmness gradually increases from the top surface to bottom. The firmness remains highly consistent from top to bottom.
Glued Seam In general, Dunlop comes in one piece except if Cal King. Cal King Dunlop latex comes with a foot extension glued. All King and Cal King Talalay latex are fabricated using two pieces (if King) and three pieces (if Cal King) of latex with similar, if not perfectly equal,  ILD’s.  The manufacturer, Radium Foam, produces Full and Queen sizes using a Queen size latex mold and therefore, Fulls and Queens are seamless. On the other hand, by default, Talalay Global fabricates Fulls and Queens using two pieces of latex of similar, if not perfectly equal, ILD’s and produces seamless Full and Queen sizes on limited quantities only.
Overall feel More solid and dense compared to a Talalay latex of similar ILD rating Compared to a Dunlop latex of similar ILD rating, Talalay has a softer and gentler support and more springy feel.
Availability Because it is simpler and more economical to produce, Dunlop latex is more commonly available. Dunlop latex is being produced in US, Europe, Asia, and other places not known to us. Only two widely known manufacturers in the worlds: Talalay Global (US based, used to be Latex International) and Radium Foam (Netherlands based)


Other than the price, one discernible difference between the Talalay latex and the Dunlop latex is the feel. Mainly due to the very different manufacturing processes that were employed to produce them, the Talalay offers a perfectly supportive yet conforming and heavenly light and buoyant surface. On the other hand, the Dunlop latex offers a more denser, more solid, and a more lodging and slightly less bouncy supportive surface. Both products offer superior support and pressure relief and unparalleled comfort, given that firmness is right for the individual. 

Talalay latex does surpass the Dunlop latex in luxurious softness and Dunlop latex exceeds the Talalay in density. While it is common that Talalay latex is preferred to be the top layer and Dunlop latex the bottom layer, Talalay latex does come in various thickness and firmness rating options that makes Talalay perfect to use in any parts of mattress building, whether it be the top layer, the intermediate layer, or the supportive bottom layer. The same idea applies to Dunlop latex.

Considering that the highest possible standards in manufacturing are employed if all things are equal, the Talalay latex is more breathable and more durable than a Dunlop latex. Independent Compression Set and Impact testings have proven that the percent loss of thickness of a Talalay latex over extended periods of usage is much less compared to that of any Dunlop processed latex, and Talalay latex will not soften up as much as any Dunlop latex after long periods of repetitive use.

Both Talalay amd Dunlop latex offer far better sleep quality and much longer comfort life compared to any other types of cushions and mattresses. Both are great choices, and most people would choose based on their comfort needs and budget limits.