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The world is great if full of happy dogs and happy owners!

We created a collection of dog beds and dog bed zipper covers with the following in mind:

  • Comfort. Dogs speak their own language if they are happy, sad, or if they need something. If they do not like their beds, they will not want to get on it or stay on it. They might use a bed that they do not particularly like, but if there is anything wrong with it, they would find it difficult to get on or off it. Dogs cannot say if their beds are too soft, too firm, too cold, too hot, or if something there makes them itch. We created our dog beds and dog bed zipper covers product line for warm and caring dog owners who are sensitive to their dogs' needs and would only want the best for them.
  • Big dogs, old dogs. Our orthopedic dog beds offer superior support and a luxuriously comfortable surface. They are designed to support your big dog's weight and offer pressure relief.
  • Health and environment. We prefer to use materials that are not only good for your dog's health but good for the earth and all.
  • Ease of use. Our dog beds come with zipper access. Not only that you can replace the insert, you also know what is in there. No secret!
  • Ease of maintenance.  Our dog bed covers are removable and can be either machine washed or wiped with mild soap and water to clean. After all, as loving dog owners, you should have more time quality time to spend with your dogs than cleaning up your dog's mess and your house.
  • Durability.  We made sure that our products will withstand many years of use and that you will get to enjoy all of the great things about them not just on the first days and weeks but for many long years.