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How to Install Your SleepLikeABear Knit Zipper Cover

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1. Understand the Parts - Your zipper cover has two pieces: a flat panel and a deep panel. - The deep panel has depth and four corners.

2. Identify the Sides - The tag on the cover indicates the foot side. - For Eastern King size, identifying the foot side (the shorter side) can be tricky because it's close in measurement to the longer side (80" in length and 76" in width). - The tag is sewn in the middle of the shorter side of the flat panel, where the zipper starts.

3. Install the Cover - Make sure to identify the sides correctly. - Match the zipper cover properly with your bed and any layers you have. It's essential to carefully match and align the zippers of the two panels when assembling the cover


More than one way to do it:

Option 1: Zipper at the Bottom, Flat Panel Down First

1. Place the Flat Panel: - Lay the flat panel down first, with the garment tags at the foot side of the bed, facing up.

2. Add Your Layers: - Place your mattress layers on top of the flat panel. - Start with the bottom (base/firmest) layer first, then add the rest. - Ensure the layers are as straight and aligned as possible.

3. Attach the Deep Panel: - Position the deep panel over the layers, ensuring the zipper aligns with that of the flat panel. - Zip the cover up, adjusting the layers as needed to ensure a smooth fit.


Option 2: Zipper at the Top, Deep Panel Down First

1. Prepare the Deep Panel: - Place the deep panel flat on the bed, ensuring the sides are hanging down around the bed frame. - Be cautious not to pull the material over any sharp edges of the bed frame to avoid damage. - Ensure the shorter side with the tags is oriented at the foot of the bed.

2. Load the Layers: - Begin by placing the firmest layer (the base layer) into the deep panel. - Add the remaining layers, finishing with the softest one on top. - Ensure the layers are aligned as neatly as possible.

3. Attach the Flat Panel: - Place the flat panel over the arranged layers, ensuring its zipper aligns with the zipper of the deep panel. - Zip the cover up, adjusting the layers as needed to ensure a smooth and secure fit.