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How To Install Your Universal Bedlegs® Bed Legs

Installing legs on your bed is simple and easy with the Universal Bedlegs® Bed Legs System. The Universal Bedlegs® System consists of two simple components: the threaded base plate and the bed leg. The threaded base plate installs directly onto the box spring and the leg just needs to be twisted into the threaded area of the base plate to complete the installation. Once the base plate is screwed firmly onto the box spring, you can choose any height for your mattress by attaching the right bed leg to it. Here are 5 simple steps to follow (please see the picture that corresponds to the numbered step):

Step 1

Verify that your side rails meet the minimum requirements of a width of no less than 1"x3" (actual size 3/4" x 2 1/4").


Step 2

Before drilling, pick the set of screw holes you will use by measuring the width of your boxspring rail. If your rails are 1" x 4" (actual width of 3/4" x 3 1/4"), use the outside holes [C]. The side with the single set of holes [A] always faces the outside edge of the bedframe.If your rails are less than an actual width of 3/4" x 3 1/4", use the inside set of screw holes [B]. Always use the outside screw holes [A].


Step 3

Using the corresponding diagram below, determine the number and placement of the Bedlegs for your bed size. 


Step 4

Using a power screwdriver, mount the plate to the boxspring using the supplied hardware. Use only 4 screws per plate.


Step 5

Hand twist the threaded leg stem into the base plate.

How To Install Your Universal Bedlegs® Headboard Brackets

Simply attach our Universal Bedlegs® headboard brackets to your box spring and it will work with most headboards.