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Guide to Mattress Sizes

When choosing the perfect mattress size, it's all got to do with the individual's personal preference since there's really no one size that fits all. Of course one wouldn't choose a Twin size bed for two individuals but should they choose a Queen bed, a Standard King size bed, or a California King bed?  Therefore in choosing the right mattress, one must know what the standard sizes are. Below we have a chart for you to help you with the mattress size selection:


 Mattress Size Width  Length Width Length
 Twin or Single  38 in  75 in 96.5 cm 190.5 cm
 Twin XL or Extra Long Single  38 in  80 in 96.5 cm 203.2 cm
 Full or Double  54 in  75 in 137.2 cm 190.5 cm
 Full XL or Extra Long Double  54 in  80 in 137.2 cm 203.2 cm
 Queen  60 in  80 in 152.4 cm 203.2 cm
 Standard or Eastern King  76 in  80 in 193 cm 203.2 cm
 California King  72 in  84 in 182.9 cm 213.4 cm 

Note that these are standard dimensions of standard mattress sizes in the USA. These dimensions may not be the same as the standard dimensions of UK, EU & Australian standard bed sizes.

One needs to know that choosing the right size of mattress requires serious consideration. This is because the mattress is one of the most commonly used and probably the most important furniture in the house. Individuals spend one third of their life in bed. (Some might claim that they don't or can't but adequate sleep is an important ingredient in healthy living.) Since the bed or mattress is a very important furniture and a very good mattress is indeed a necessity, one tends to buy it like an investment. Our Talalay latex foam mattress (and toppers), for example, wil last for many, many years. Therefore, if it's the wrong size, it would not feel good throwing away an important investment. It's recommendable, of course that one must choose the size that gives one the most space, like a California King bed for a couple, for example. However, there are other important considerations that we have listed down for you:

  • How many people are going to sleep on the mattress at the same time?

  • How much sleeping space is required by each sleeper, particularly how big and tall?

  • How much room is there in the room for the mattress?

  • Who is this mattress for? Is it going in a guest room?

  • How much money are you willing to spend upfront and later?



Twin size beds are usually used for small children. Being the smallest of all the standard bed sizes, they cost the least and buying sheets for them are very easy. Twin size beds are very commonly used in bunk beds, which is a great idea if you have children that share a room.

The extra-long twin beds are usually 5 inch longer than standard twin beds. This twin bed is good enough for a single person and where space is a real issue.  Most college dorms have Twin XL beds.

Full and double beds are usually a luxury choice for a single person that wants more comfortable room. Some very small built couple may also get by sleeping on a full bed if space is an issue. The sheets and bedding are common and less expensive, too.

The extra-long full bed may be a better choice for a tall person that love to have spacious sleeping room at the same time. Should we say that two tall people may be okey on a full bed? Maybe not. We don't see the beddings very common for this size either.

The Queen bed is a very common choice for couples. There should be enough comfortable room for two in this size. The Queen size is also very popular even for single individuals that just want total freedom with sleeping space. A queen size bed is also being a very common choice for guest rooms.

Eastern or Standard King beds are a better choice for couples if money and room space are not an issue. This size offers couples the maximum amount of bed width and is the same size as two extra-long twin beds side by side. A king bed size usually has the box spring in two pieces for easy moving.

The California King is the longest of all standard mattresses. This is usually the better choice for tall people who prefer a king size bed.



Needless to say maybe, king (Eastern or California) mattresses are a good choice for couples that have children. We don't find many disagree that children do sleep with their parents from time to time. The sheets and beddings for king mattresses are most expensive but, hey, they are the star of the mattresses and deserve special attention!

Good luck! Use your noodles in choosing the right size!

December 15, 2014 by Sleep Like A Bear