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For totally encasing a bare foam for mattress topper or a D-I-Y mattress, we have carefully picked and offer you a selection of excellent zipper covers. We built our diverse collection of zipper covers hoping that we covered all of the bases. We believe that we have great zipper cover to suit everyone based on their needs and priorities.

When choosing our covers, you may use the guidelines beow:

  • Do I want it quilted or unquilted? Choose unquilted cover if you already have a comfort layer and just need an outer covering for your topper or mattress. Choose a quilted cover if you need a comfort layer more than an outer cover;
  • Do I want it to be 100% natural? Some covers are 100% synthetic while others are partially natural. There are also 100% natural and 100% organic;
  • What type of fabric do I need? Some covers are offer a cooler sleeping experience than others;
  • What type of protection and how much of it do I need? Most full encasements provide protection from slight sweat or moisture, dust and dirt, tearing. There are others that are waterproof or that offer more;
  • Do I need a full-opening zipper enclosure? Some covers open on all four side while others open on one or two of its sides;
  • Is it durable? Of course you need a cover that lasts for many years. Check the type and durability of the fabric used, the zipper type and quality, and the product quality and workmanship;
  • What type of care and maintenance do I need? Some zipper covers may be washed and others not. Most, if not all, quilted covers are not machine washable. Most, if not all, all-natural products are not machine washable. Note that employing a fitted-style mattress protector is a great idea;
  • Where is the product made? While the country of origin may not matter at all for some of us, those who are more health and environment conscious choose products that are made in USA because they are subject to regulations that our government can duly enforce;
  • How much does it cost? Some covers cost more to produce than others, and remember that you often get what you paid for.

To Cover or Not To Cover?

Generally, you will want to encase it for one or all of the following reasons:

  1. Protection for your latex from many elements that may shorten its planned useful life like sunlight, UV rays, dirt, moisture, getting ripped. Various types of zip covers offer different types and levels of protection,;
  2. Added comfort. Generally,  a good zipper cover offers breathability, temperature regulation, durability, water absorption, antimicrobial properties.  The type of fabric material that is used and whether or not it is quilted with a material like wool fibers, cotton fibers, or polyester fibers, has significant effect to the overall feel of your mattress,;
  3. Beauty. Your choice of color and design creates the finished look of your mattress. A more natural product, especially certified organic cover, normally comes in simple styles and earth-tone colors only. While in a mattress showroom, certain colors and designs are highly necessary, in your bedroom, you will only see the aesthetics in between changing bed sheets.