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Bed Sheets... Do Bed Sheets Make A Difference?

Your bedding makes a big difference in the quality of your sleep and choosing the right bed sheets is highly important. Your sheets make the first contact to your skin and how you like your mattress is affected by how you like your sheets. Seventy-five percent of consumers claim that bed sheets contribute to a good night sleep.

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Facts About Our 100% Cotton Leggett & Platt Bed Sheets:

Our sheets fit up to an 18” or 20” bed height.  High-quality deep-pocket sheets are not very easy to find.

Our sheets include the elastic fitting around the perimeter of the bottom side of the fitted sheet.  Most sheets in linen department stores only have the elastic in the corner edges of the fitted sheets, which causes the sheet to “pop” off the corners of the mattress at night.

3. 100%
When we say 100%, that is exactly what we mean.  It is printed right on the satin ribbon decorating the packaging of the sheet. Department stores typically carry sheets that are a blend of cotton and polyester or cotton and rayon. Polyester has the bad habit of causing skin irritation and feeling warm against the skin. Rayon has the bad habit of holding wrinkles.  When shopping in department stores you will see terms like ‘cotton rich’ – this means there is more cotton than polyester or rayon in the sheets fabric content. A consumer could have a difficult time finding 100% natural cotton(310 and 750 thread counts) or 100% Egyptian cotton (400 thread count) like ours. Typically, department stores only carry blended linens or “cotton rich” sheets.  This is an exclusive feature that will distinguish the sale.  While both cotton sateen and Egyptian cotton offer softness, durability and beauty, and are the preferred choice for some of the finest linens in the world.  What is SATEEN WEAVE and why do we call attention to that feature on the ribbon of the sheet packaging? This is an extra process in weaving.  A "sateen weave" means that there is one vertical thread woven for every four or more horizontal threads. Since more of the threads are exposed to the surface, the resulting fabric is much smoother than if it was woven with a standard type weave. Also the extra step in weaving (which costs more to manufacture) shows off shiny threads, to show a luxurious, smooth “sheen”.

Our bed sheets are made of premium quality cotton that will not lose lint and/or thin out over time. Our sheets carry a ONE YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind.

There are poor/good and premium quality cotton and egyptian cotton when weaving linens.  We only use premium quality threads.  A high thread count sounds good, but it means nothing if you are not getting correspondingly higher quality, premium cotton. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. The higher the thread count, typically the more luxurious the feel of a fabric. But beware!  To understand threads count, you need to understand yarn size. You will often see yarn size discussed in men’s shirting. 80s two ply pinpoint oxford is a good example. To make 80s yarn requires a very high quality of staple combed cotton. Much more so than making 60s or even 40s yarn. Let’s get back to thread count. 500 thread count is the point where diminishing marginal returns set in. Why is that? To weave 600 or 800 thread count sheet would require 100s or 120s yarn. This is very difficult and the resulting sheet probably costs thousands of dollars. Manufacturers and retailers will stretch the truth by selling 600 to 800 thread count sheets by using TWO PLY YARN. All that means is that two yarns are twisted together, woven to create the illusion of a higher thread count. Federal Trade Commission guidelines (not regulation) are that thread count is single yarns, not double plyed yarns. So a 600 thread count sheet may in all likelihood be a true 300 thread count-as it may have been woven using two-ply 60s yarn. Thankfully, the FTC guidelines are getting more strict and require the packaging to state specifically whether the fabric is single ply or two ply. Ours are SINGLE PLY.

Our bed sheets are either White or Ivory, an elegant choice that is most popular in hotels. Either white or ivory may be used to complement just about any bedroom style and suggest calm and peaceful sleep.

Our sheet sets are packaged with One fitted sheet, One oversized flat sheet, and one or more pillowcases. Now, you do not need to go shopping for pillow cases that will offer similar comfort!