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How to Choose A Mattress Foundation

What is a mattress foundation? Well, in simple terms a mattress foundation is anything that your mattress sits on. Some of us place their mattresses directly on the floor but most of us choose to have their mattresses raised from the floor.

When someone builds a house the most important part is planning and building the foundation because a good foundation will create a stable and long lasting home. Your mattress is no different. If the foundation is made poorly and of low-quality materials, then the mattress will not sit properly and even the best mattress will not feel as good or last as long as it should.

Choosing the right mattress foundation is just as important as choosing the right mattress. The mattress foundation will support your mattress and affect its overall performance. The most basic and most important features to look for are strength, durability, and equally balanced support. A good mattress foundation should provide a strong and stable support and allow your mattress to be in its most natural state, with no part of it bulging or sagging.

There are several types of mattress foundations. The most common type is a box spring. A box spring is a set of vertical springs that are housed inside an upholstered wooden frame. Usually, the upholstery matches that of the mattress that it is sold with. A box spring usually comes with a metal frame that has casters. It is important that the metal frame is sturdy and has center supports for your box spring. Legs may also be installed on your box spring to replace the metal frame.

Another common type of mattress foundation is a wooden foundation. Wooden foundations can be solid platform or slatted. Slatted foundations come with slats that go across and each slat is commonly 1 inch thick and 3 inch wide and approximately 2 inch apart from one another. Some slatted foundations have adjustable slats.

The mattress foundation does affect the overall feel of a mattress. Certainly, a more flexible foundation like a box spring or a slatted foundation, allows the mattress to move or adjust as it carries your weight. Box springs that are made with heavier gauge wires and slatted foundations that are made with stronger and bigger slats spaced less apart do not flex as easy. A firm and solid mattress foundation firms up any mattress. To firm up or soften a mattress, changing the mattress foundation sometimes helps.

Another factor to consider when choosing a mattress foundation is its functionality. While most mattress foundations are flat and always in sleeping position, some foundations have adjustable positions: they can be flat, reclined, and can be adjusted in any way to relax your body while you are awake or asleep. These are called power adjustable bases.

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You can accessorize any mattress foundations with a foot board and a headboard to complete the looks that you hoped to create in your bedroom. It would be the least important thing to consider but when choosing a mattress foundation, make sure that you can easily attach to it your favorite headboard and foot board. offers only top quality mattress foundations and will continue to research more products to expand our selection. We hope that you like what we have now and we will have more for you!