Latex is one of the best choices for mattress toppers. We offer an extensive variety of bare latex toppers (or sheets) in 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 6-inch thickness. You may layer two or more toppers of any given thickness and firmness ratings to create a modular mattress topper that is perfectly customized to suit your personal taste and comfort needs:


Our 1-inch thick latex toppers can help if you need to tweak your mattress on the surface. For example, an extra soft 1-inch can soften your mattress surface without significantly reducing its support; a 1-inch of proper firmness can smoothe a tightly tufted mattress and make it more comfortable; a firm 1-inch can effectively firm up a sagging mattress, or it can make a very lightly padded brand new firm mattress for a light-to-average sleeper who is looking for just albeit of give.

For light to average-weight sleepers, 1-inch can mean drastic change. It is important to choose the right firmness rating.

There are endless uses of a 1-inch topper, and its flexibility is unparalleled. For example, as long as its width permits, you may fold a 1-inch lengthwise once or even twice if you would like to instantly experience how you would like two or three inches of it. By lying on it while it is folded, you could get a more concrete idea of whether you would need a thicker topper and what combination of layers you may need to better serve your personal needs. A Single-Bed size 1-inch is great to take along when you travel in order to make your stay away from home more comfortable just like home.


Our 2-inch toppers can drastically change the overall firmness of a mattress for most sleepers. Just an example, most light-to-average-weight sleepers can achieve an adequately enveloping experience by placing a soft 2-inch topper on a relatively firm mattress . A 2-inch topper usually of correct firmness usually fixes an intolerably firm mattress for a light-to-average pear-shaped sleeper without jeopardizing mattress support. With a firm or extra firm 2-inch topper, an extremely saggy mattress can be completely reversed for a heavier individual.

For the majority of sleepers, a 2-inch is the most effective first step to fix an extremely firm mattress. If it does not completely fix the problem, an additional 1-inch or 2-inch topper may be layered with it to complete the feel that you are looking for.


Our 3-inch toppers can generally change a mattress drastically for anyone, lightweight and heavyweight individuals alike. There is generous material in a soft 3-inch to sink in, just an example, and a 3-inch is enough to create a surface feel that is not so much dependent of the underlying surface. There are select sleepers, mostly lightweight back sleepers, who can actually use a 3-inch topper as a mattress by itself providing adequate comfort.

A heavy sleeper on an intolerably firm mattress may require a 3-inch to be comfortable. Average to heavy weight sleepers who want a cloud-nine experience may achieve that experience in a 3-inch soft topper. Generally, lighter weight pear-shaped side sleepers should avoid a very soft 3-inch  topper as it may compromise the needed support for the much heavier hips and cause misaligned spine.

Given that the firmness rating is right, our 3-inch topper can provide a good balance of support and cushioning for anyone.


 Definitely, a 6-inch can easily dominate the overall feel of a mattress. Note that Talalay latex has uniform firmness from top to bottom, and so we recommend against going too soft for what you need because it will lack enough support. A 6-inch is best to use as mattress core, and it is layered with another to finish the needed comfort level. It is common that a softer layer is placed directly over a firmer core and or with an intermediate layer. A firmer 6-inch alone serves as a mattress for a select group of sleepers: those who are lightweight to average built who sleep on their sides and many back sleepers.

A solid 6-inch Dunlop latex is more suited to be used alone compared to a 6-inch Talalay latex. This is because Dunlop latex is progressively "layered" naturally. Its density/fir,mess is inconsistent and gradually increases from its top to bottom, a similar configuration that is employed in mattress building and simply unavoidable when using a Dunlop latex core. We advise that lside sleepers choose softer Dunlop latex cores and try no to get too firm. If the proper firmness is chosen, a ot of times, a comfortable medium surface is achieved using a 6-inch latex core alone, if not an additional thin layer of soft rating is all that would be required to tweak it.


May 01, 2013 by Sleep Like A Bear