Phone 1-888-416-4288 Should I Use A Latex Mattress Topper? –
You may use a mattress topper for one or all of the following reasons:
  • Enhance. Adding a latex topper to your mattress would make your sleeping surface cooler and smoother-no more lumpy surface.
  • Adjust. Whether your mattress is too soft or too firm, topping it off with a latex topper may significantly improve your quality of sleep and maximize your energy the following day. And because your latex topper is not a permanent part of the mattress, it can be removed or replaced in case your needs change later.
  • Personalize. Couples who cannot benefit from the same comfort level may use a latex topper to change their sides of the bed in order to satisfy their individual comfort needs.
  • Upgrade. Using a latex topper is as close as you would get to sleeping on an all-latex mattress. With the unsurpassed and unparalleled quality of latex, your mattress has just received a complete overhaul for a fraction of the cost of an all-latex mattress. With a latex topper, you would be sleeping directly on a nicer, cooler, cleaner, non-toxic, earth-friendly mattress surface.
  • Expand. If you would attach two Twin XL mattresses to each other to make a King, using a King size topper will not only join the two together but also improve their comfort level.
  • Extend. Whether your mattress is new or old, a latex topper can help extend the useful life of your mattress by covering it from damaging elements and by distributing your weight evenly and indirectly over the underlying mattress.
This latex product is commonly used alone or layered with another or more latex products in order to customize comfort for an individual.
May 01, 2013 by Sleep Like A Bear