Phone 1-888-416-4288 How To Pack Our Latex Mattress Foams For Moving or Returns –
Our latex foams will arrive to you in compressed state. Can you imagine your 9 inch Queen size mattress packed in three 31 x 6 x 25 inch boxes? The question is, can you fit the foams back into those boxes if you would need to return them?
The answer is yes, provided that you kept the packaging that they came in. Most of the time, however, the box becomes unusable after you unpack the foam. You may use a different box if you have to and if you wish to reduce the shipping cost, you may use a smaller box if you follow the steps below:
  • Pick a corrugated box that you will use;

  • Use a large plastic bag that has no holes. A 2 mil thickness is ideal for it is thick enough to hold air in but is still flexible for the purpose. You may use the bag that your topper was sent in;

  • Fold the topper in half or to a size that you believe will make the foam fit into your box after it is compressed. Remember that the softer foams have more air and can be compressed more;

  • While the foam is inside the bag, insert the tip of a clean vacuum cleaner hose in between the fold and squeeze the end of the bag around the vacuum so that there is just enough room for the hose;

  • Turn the vacuum cleaner on and wait until the topper has been vacuumed down to the desired size;

  • Turn the vacuum cleaner off and allow approximately 5 seconds before carefully pulling the hose out. Be very cautious for you do not want to pull part of the foam and damage it;

  • Quickly twist the bag and tie a tight knot;

  • Place the vacuumed topper inside the box and completely seal the box. Make sure to tape all the seams to help keep the foam compressed and also so that no bugs could "ride" during transportation.

Note: It will be difficult to fold the foam more than once if it is very thick and very firm. If your foam is 6 inch thick, don't even attempt to fold it but instead, use a bag that will be big enough to hold it..
If you have any questions that we did not cover in this article, please contact us.
February 15, 2011 by Sleep Like A Bear