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SleepLikeABear's Comfort-o-Meter

We do ask our customers to rate their mattress from 0 to 10, with 10 being the least comfortable. When we ask this question, we really want to know how comfortable their mattress is and their answer helps us analyze how much of an adjustment it needs. When rating your mattress, here's what the numbers mean:

1  You can sleep like a bear and all you wish to do is sleep all day

2  You can sleep through the night feeling refreshed and no aching in the morning

3  You can sleep through the night with very minor complaint...the mattress is almost perfect for you

 You can sleep through the night but had sore or aching muscles that go away immediately

5  You can sleep through the night but had sore or aching muscles and you can't move immediately when you wake up

6  You toss and turn trying to find the comfortable spot but stay asleep

7  You can sleep very shortly, probably wake up two times during the night

8  You can sleep for 2 hours. you wake up too many times from discomfort

9  You can't bear lying on it for even 15 minutes... you're required to sleep somewhere else like the couch

10 You dislike the thought of laying on it so much that you can't even look at it. You don't even want to give your mattress away to your dog because you feel bad for him

    So... how comfortable is your mattress?