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SleepLikeABear Pure 100% Organic Knit Cotton Zipper Cover


  • LUXURIOUSLY SOFT Adds an extra layer of comfort to your latex, memory foam, or any foam;
  • FITS LIKE A GLOVE! Completely encase your bare foams and enhance your comfort layer. Unquilted, this cover keeps you as close as possible to your memory foam or latex layers and at the same extent provides a substantial barrier to help you sleep cooler and protect your foam from many of the harmful elements like dust, sweat, and sunlight;
  • FLIPPABLE, two-sided: The same 100% certified organic knit cotton fabric is sewn to build the entire cover, allowing it to offer the same comfortable sleeping surface if flipped over. We do not use a cheap FR treated non-skid material for the bottom to cut costs;
  • EASY 360 DEGREE ZIPPER ACCESS. Full opening allows you to remove the top cover to access your foam layers easily or if you need to spot clean or air it out;
  • SAFE: Not treated with any harmful chemicals. Our fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and also milled from GTOS certified 100% organic cotton fibers;
  • NOT WASHABLE. NOT WATERPROOF-we recommend to use fitted-style waterproof protector if needed;
  • MADE IN THE USA of fine quality materials and workmanship: Our fabric is milled in the USA, and the cover is sewn locally in the USA
  • NOTE that actual appearance of your fabric may differ slightly from what is pictured but the rest of the important manufacturer's specifications are guaranteed to be exactly the same.

Encase your latex or memory foam without significantly reducing and changing its softness. Latex and memory foam are are exceptionally smooth and luxurious, and for most of us that experienced them, they are the ultimate comfort layer. Therefore, choosing the right material to cover them is very important as it can make or break the final comfort level for the sleeper.

Our very soft, unlined and unquilted knit fabric zipper cover fits like a glove and enhances the feel of any foam layers it covers, therefore it creates a cooler and more luxurious sleeping surface. Our unquilted zipper cover offers a 360-degree protection from the elements like dust, moisture, and sunlight as it effectively keeps your foam layer (or layers) together. A proper full encasement not only improves comfort for you, but it also reduces, if not eliminates, the chance of mishandling and accidentally tearing the foam layers at times that you may need to pull your mattress straight or move the mattress topper around.

Our SleepLikeABear Organic zipper cover is locally sewn in USA using USA manufactured fabric that is made of 100% certified organic cotton fibers only. Certified organic fabrics are certified to be purely natural-that means no harsh chemicals were used from planting, harvesting, to processing of the cotton fibers into the fabric that is for bedding use. Unlike many other so-called "certified organic" covers, every fiber strand of our fabric is GOTS certified organic, which makes our fabric truly 100% certified organic.

As a vital component, a heavy-duty, rust-proof separating zipper is used and stitched with extremely durable and heat resistant Kevlar thread. The zipper is easy to zip and unzip, and is guaranteed not to easily fall apart. It completely opens on all sides, and the top can be removed.

We have sold thousands of zipper covers over the years- our customers have experienced that our zipper covers surpass many other inexpensive advertised covers!

We have sold thousands of zipper covers over the years- our zipper cover is simply the best!


Design Waterfall-style edge, no piped or corded edges
Color Natural
Top Unquilted
Bottom Bottom same as top
Fabric +/- 310 g/m² GTOS certified 100% Organic knit cotton fabric, Made in USA, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
Quilting Fabric not sewn with any batting or insulating material
Zipper 4-side opening heavy-duty no-rust zipper, sits at bottom edge
Spot clean only. Air fluff and sun dry only. Do not dry clean. Do not wash.
Country of Origin Made in USA
Returns 30 days (undamaged, unused, unwashed)
Warranty Standard one year prorated warranty against manufacturing defects

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